5 Fltplan Go tips beyond the basics

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Fltplan.com has been a popular flight planning website for over a decade, and their Fltplan Go app has steadily added features to become a capable in-flight companion. Beyond the basics of moving maps and weather reports, there are quite a few features that make the app more powerful and easier to use. Here are five of our favorites.

Split screen NavLog. The NavLog is one of the best features in Fltplan Go (and has been since the early days of Fltplan.com). It’s a simple thing, but this one page has all the critical information for a flight, from route to fuel burn to airport diagrams. The app offers a customizable split screen view that takes NavLogs to the next level. Go to the NavLogs page, then tap the second button from the left at the top of the screen to set up split screen mode. It’s a great way to view approach charts, airport weather or your scratchpad right next to your NavLog. We particularly like this feature for briefing an approach to a new airport.


Procedure preview. If you’re flying into a busy airport with multiple instrument arrivals, it can be hard to predict which arrival you might get. Fltplan Go’s Procedure tool makes it fast and easy to visualize this, without searching through pages and pages of STARs. From the Maps page, tap Edit at the top of the screen, enter a route, and tap Procedures on the right side. You’ll see a graphical presentation of all the arrivals. Tap on the one you want and you can instantly add it to your route.


Binders help organize all kinds of files. Binders are an underused tool in our opinion. They’re commonly thought of as a way to organize approach plates, but in Fltplan Go they can do much more. Go to the Binders page, then tap Add at the top right corner to place NavLogs, airport diagrams, weather briefs, and scratchpads into the current binder. The best way to use this feature is to create a new binder for each trip, and add every important document


Check downloaded files. There are dozens of chart databases available for download in the app, from VFR sectionals and TACs to approach plates and planning charts. There are so many, in fact, that it’s easy to lose track of what’s saved for offline use and what isn’t. Fltplan Go has a handy tool that shows very clearly what you’ve downloaded. Go to the Downloads page, then tap Downloaded Files at the top left corner. You’ll see what is downloaded and current, what is downloaded and expired, what hasn’t been downloaded, and much more. Make this page a part of your preflight flow. Here’s a bonus tip too: go to the Maps page, tap on the Map Options menu at the top left, then tap on “Downloaded Maps Only.” This will simulate being in the airplane (without an internet connection), so if you don’t see charts, you didn’t download all the charts.


Runway wind calculator. Calculating headwind/tailwind and crosswind component is important for all pilots, from students to professional jet pilots. Fltplan Go has a handy too that makes this calculation simple: go to Tools, then Airport Winds. Pick an airport, then enter the current wind (including gusts) to see a readout of key information. You can even set up customized alerts based on your airplane or experience by tapping the Prefs button at the top right.


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  1. Mike Flanagan
    Mike Flanagan says:

    What any flight planner needs is one places the departure and dentition air port and plane and ETD. Then the program picks out intermediate refuel Areas along the route taking into account Weather and winds aloft for both IFR/VFR alternate and fuel resurveys. Then lets the pilot pick from any number of airports for an intermediate stop. Then when the clearance given is different than requested it automatically changes the flight plan to reflect the difference with a different enroute colored line showing the changes. A little rubber banding would be nice too. Just wish full thinking.

  2. Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson says:

    This application has come a long way. Great alternative to the known brands.

    Keep up the great work FLTPLAN Go team.

  3. Michael Marks
    Michael Marks says:

    Thanks for a grear app. I have enjoyed the updates and improvements. Just have 1 request and 1 gripe,
    1) 》REQUEST《 create an “Update All” button on the downloads page.

    2) 》Gripe《 – why does the route planner select various and strange routes and place them in the map screen? I’m in Fla and I’ll get some strange route from Chicago or something. I am logged in as a registered user, so why, at the very least, wouldn’t my most recent route be what the app selects or more simply, just empty?

    Thanks again team… nice work!

  4. Greg Purinton
    Greg Purinton says:

    Love the arrival procedure preview, waiting on the departure preview. Then I’ll be looking for that Direct To button….

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