How to check ADS-B out performance with the Garmin Pilot app

1 min read

A few weeks ago the FAA released a new web tool to help pilots verify that their ADS-B Out avionics are working properly, which provides an ADS-B Performance Report with details about your ADS-B transmitter, GPS source and configuration. This report contains a wealth of information that can help both you and your avionics technician both verify everything is working properly and help troubleshoot potential problems.

Pilots flying with the the Garmin Pilot app and GDL-39 portable ADS-B in receiver can also check the performance of their ADS-B out transponder directly in the app while flying. Here’s how to do it:

1. Select the Connext icon in the Garmin Pilot app main menu


2. Select GDL 39 on the left side, which should display a green bar on the far left when connected


3. Select “ADS-B Compliance” under the Tools header


4. Select your N# from the aircraft shown


5. Here you’ll see all the diagnostic data for your ADS-B out transponder; in general green is good, and red means there may be a configuration issue


If you see something that doesn’t look right here, take a screenshot on your iPad and email it to your avionics technician. Being proactive and self-monitoring this will help ensure you don’t get an unpleasant message from the FAA and provides assurance that everything is functional.