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2016-08-03 13.48.49Sporty’s Pilot Shop has been producing pilot training courses that focus on the real-world aspect of flying for over 50 years, and is best known for its Private Pilot Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses. Recently, the company has taken a renewed focus on helping pilots maintain flying and knowledge proficiency, along with helping rusty pilots get current again with dedicated refresher programs.

Sporty’s released the new Takeoff Pilot Proficiency app a few months back, that delivers articles, videos, quizzes and aviation news daily to pilots in a “snackable” format. This is perfect for active pilots looking to expand their aviation knowledge and stay up with the latest safety topics and trends.

For those who have been out of the cockpit for an extended period and need a more comprehensive review, Sporty’s also offers a complete Flight Review video training app. This app just received a major update, adding 2 hours of all new HD video, including new training segments on ADS-B, EFB/iPad use in the cockpit, angle of attack indicators, night flying and emergency procedures.

Using Flight Review to get current again

The Flight Review app is designed for both those pilots getting ready to meet with a CFI to knock off some rust, and for those preparing to complete an actual Flight Review at the airport. The app is centered around two and a half hours of engaging video training, broken down into 7 main subject areas.

Pilot Technique: Night flying, emergency procedures, angle of attack (indicators and flying skills)

Airspace: Classes A through F airspace, Special-use airspace, Washington D.C. SFRA, TFRs

Airport Operations: Runway safety best practices, runway signs and markings, airport lighting

Weather: Reading weather reports and forecasts, PIREPs, thunderstorm and icing forecasts, interpreting radar imagery, in-flight ADS-B weather

Aviation Data: iPad/EFB use in the cockpit, charts and publications, NOTAMs

Regulations: Medical requirements, pilot documents, fuel planning, oxygen use, pilot currency, PIC responsibilities, ASRS (NASA forms), seatbelt use, alcohol

Aeromedical Factors: Carbon monoxide, hypoxia, visual illusions, night illusions, nitrogen/scuba, hyperventilation

All of the the HD videos in the app are available for instant viewing over an internet connection, or can be saved to the iPad for offline viewing at a later time.

After completing the video training, pilots can take the included review quiz to help reinforce the material covered in the course. Each question offers the ability to watch the applicable video training segment and jump right to the point in the video where that subject matter is covered.

Lastly, Flight Review includes the FAA’s Guide to Conducting an Effective Flight Review. This offers some great practical advice on how to prepare for the actual flight review, broken down by both ground and flight activities.

The Flight Review app is available for $34.99 in the app store, and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Sporty’s also offers the program in DVD and Online course formats, also available for $34.99. There is also a similar app for IFR pilots called Instrument Proficiency Check, available for those looking to regain instrument currency.

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