LogTen Pro X adds new sharing features

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2016-07-25 11.59.06The LogTen Pro software platform has long been regarded as one of the premiere digital logbook applications, offering versions for both mobile devices and desktop computers. They launched the new LogTen Pro X app for iPhone and iPad a few years back, which built on the success of the original LogTen Pro app.

LogTen Pro X is one of our top choices for digital logbooks on the iPad, since it offers a nice mix of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface. The newly updated version 7.3 just hit the app store bringing some exciting new features to iPhone and iPad versions of the app. Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

Smart Sharing

The new Smart Share feature allows pilots to instantly share logbook flights, aircraft, people and limit, currency, and smart groups. This can save time for multi-crew environments or for CFI/student training flights so that only one person on the flight deck needs to log the flight.

LogTen Pro’s Smart Share will even identify and change fields based on who is sharing and receiving the logged flight. So for example, a certified flight instructor can fill in details for a flight with a student, sign the flight and when they share it with their student, LogTen Pro will automatically switch dual given to dual received. And students who forget to get their entries signed can send them to the instructor and get them back signed and locked for security.

Remote Signatures

2016-07-25 11.59.00Using the remote signature feature, instructors can log the flight or endorsement in their own logbook, sign it, and send it to the student. LogTen Pro will then automatically adjust the time from Dual Given to Dual Received for the student pilot’s entry.

Students will find this feature helpful too when they forget to have their CFI provide a sign-off for a particular requirement. Now it’s just a matter of sending them the flight log right from the app, having the CFI sign it in their app, and then send it back.

You can share via any means you like, such as a text message, email, social media or other online methods.

Other improvements

LogTen Pro now comes with all the FAA standard endorsements built-in so you can simply select the one you’re looking for and it will fill in the details for you. All you have to do is enter the pilot and CFI names, and the app takes care of the rest.

This update includes improvements to Smart Groups to make them even more powerful, and it can now count portions of flights to give you more precise duty and rest information.

You can now export your entire logbook from the Backups tab, allowing you to send a copy of your logbook to yourself, someone else, or just to archive a backup to another location.

Lastly the company updated their popular API, providing third parties with more capabilities to send data to LogTen Pro and even do things like auto fill night times for you when importing historical flight data.

LogTen Pro X is available as a free download in the app store. A subscription is required to take advantage of all the features, but you can try them all out first during a free trial period.