ForeFlight enhances web flight planning application

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Foreflight webMost pilots know ForeFlight as a full-featured aviation app for iPad and iPhone, but aren’t aware that they also offer a web-based flight planning application. This is accessible from most computer web browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, etc.) and is a free benefit for all paid app subscribers.

ForeFlight Web can be accessed by going to and logging in with the same ForeFlight username and password. The service is currently in Beta, which means the folks at ForeFlight are still fine-tuning the functionality and features. But for all practical purposes it’s a powerful desktop application that is very useful for pilots to review basic weather data and plan a route.

The layout is very similar to the Maps section of the iPad app, with a drop-down menu at the top left to select chart and weather overlays. You can choose from VFR sectionals, IFR high and low en route charts, street map or satellite imagery. And then just like iPad app, you can overlay various weather data, including radar imagery, TFRs and surface weather reports. You’ll find it helpful to get big picture view of your flight when using a large computer display at the home or the office.

Routes are entered directly in the top right section of the screen the same way as you would enter them in the iPad app, e.g. KIXD CSX SARGO CVG KLUK. The familiar blue route line will then appear on the map, and you can drag it around to quickly amend the route or add additional waypoints.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 14.41.20ForeFlight is continuously improving the web planning app, and recently added the familiar airports overlay when clicking on an airport. This displays all the airport info, runway data, quick access to instrument approach procedures, METARs, TAFs, MOS forecasts, area forecast discussions and the winds aloft forecast. This new window also includes the “Add to Route” button for quick flight planning.

After building your route on ForeFlight web, it automatically syncs to the app on your iPad and iPhone. You can find the route in ForeFlight Mobile in the Recent routes list, or in Favorites if you saved the route.

Visit to get started with ForeFlight Web, and check out their FAQs on the service here.


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