A pilot’s guide to ADS-B – latest webinar recording

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ADS-B may be confusing, but it’s an important subject for any pilot. While the 2020 FAA mandate gets a lot of attention, tens of thousands of pilots are flying with ADS-B In already and enjoying the benefits of subscription-free weather and traffic. Sporty’s John Zimmerman recently hosted a webinar on ADS-B in cooperation with Jeff Johnson at Appareo, covering the basics of the system plus options for both panel-mount and portable ADS-B avionics. This fast-paced presentation covered a lot of ground, and the video recording is now available.

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  1. Tom Ingle
    Tom Ingle says:

    As I don’t have a transponder in my airplane, rather than buying one can I instead use ADS-B out to get “FLIGHT FOLLOWING” from ATC?

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