Flight Outfitters introduces new iPad kneeboard

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Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard

The Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard includes a zip-up storage pocket and a large elastic strap.

Flight Outfitters made quite a splash last year when it introduced two new flight bags specifically designed for the iPad. They were a hit at Sun ‘n Fun and Oshkosh, and we’ve seen a lot walking around airports lately. Now the company has added an iPad kneeboard to the mix.

The kneeboard has a simple but well thought out design, with the iPad sitting in the middle, held steady by four plastic clips. These clips are attached to elastic arms, so they accommodate iPads with and without cases – although very thick cases like the Otterbox won’t fit. The iPad section can swivel, so it rotates from landscape to portrait with one hand. It’s firm enough to stay in place, but it doesn’t require latches or buttons.

There are two mesh pockets for storing essential iPad accessories like a charging cord or a cigarette lighter charter. But the feature we like the most is the flip-down area on the right side of the iPad. It can function as a storage pocket, but we think it’s even better as a shelf. Simply unzip the edge and you have the perfect spot for a small notepad – it’s ideal for copying ATIS or a clearance. If you’re completely paperless, the shelf is a good place to put your smartphone. We used it with an iPhone 6 and liked it a lot, with the phone close at hand but not in the way.

Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard

A large elastic strap and a non-slip back make it comfortable and steady enough for a full day of flying, but it’s not so big that it gets in the way of a yoke. For left-handed pilots, the entire kneeboard is completely reversible.

The Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard is available for the iPad Mini 1-4 for $59.95 and the iPad Air 1-3 for $69.95.

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  1. David
    David says:

    One (1) too many times I’ve had an overheated iPad while on an instrument approach. The picture doesn’t seem to show a lot of space for air cooling. I’m interested to see if there’s enough ventilation to keep the iPad cool.

    • Ross Clarke
      Ross Clarke says:

      A good point. I am due for a kneeboard upgrade this year and will be keen to check this one out at Oshkosh.
      JOHN Z……. Will you have these available at Sportys Oshkosh this year?

  2. Chris Parks
    Chris Parks says:

    I bought two iPad versions and one mini iPad version. It’s a good looking kneeboard and the construction seems well done.


    I opened up the mini and on the second manipulation of the rotation from portrait to landscape and back the iPad holder separated from the kneeboard and the brass ring on the back fell off. It appears the brass ring was damaged when the kneeboard was constructed Ned was waiting for an opportunity to fail. I’m disappointed.

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