Read top aviation news in Apple’s News app

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Apple News allows you to filter articles based on the topics and channels you're most interested in.

Apple News allows you to filter articles based on the topics and channels you’re most interested in.

Last month we covered some of the great new features and enhancements delivered in Apple’s iOS 9 update for iPhone and iPad. Unlike previous updates, this one went through without any hiccups and the adoption rate is already over 60%.

As a bonus, iOS 9 also installed a new app on your iPad/iPhone called News, which collects all the stories on topics you’re interested in from thousands of sources and organizes them in one location for easy reading.

Apple News makes for a great aviation news reader that you can customize based on your specific interests. For example you can add the topic “Cessna” to your favorites, and the app will show you all the news from the day related to Cessna airplanes. Or search for “Flight Training” and you’ll get articles related to that subject. After you save a variety of topics and channels to your favorites list, the app will mix up the articles in the main “For You” section each day based on your interests.

And best of all, iPad Pilot News has a dedicated channel in the Apple News app for convenient reading. A quick search will display the channel, or you can access it directly by clicking on this link from your iOS device: iPad Pilot News.

If you’re a Flipboard user (another news aggregator app), you can find us there as well.