Build a custom iPad mount with new RAM accessories

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he RAM collection of iPad mounting accessories has been a hit with pilots ever since the iPad 1 hit the market 6 years ago. The combination of rugged construction, flexibility, interchangeable parts and price has made RAM the most widely-used iPad mounting system in aviation.

The RAM mounts work so well because they rely on a standardized 1″ ball on each iPad cradle and base, allowing pilots to easily configure a custom mount for their airplane. In addition to taking only seconds to assemble, the use of the ball joint as the main attachment piece allows you to infinitely adjust the angle and position of the iPad in the cockpit.

While many pilots like the simplicity of buying a Yoke or Suction Cup mount kit for their iPad, RAM also allows pilots to create a custom mount by choosing each component separately. This provides even greater flexibility by allowing you to pick out the cradle, arm length and base best suited to your application.

To provide even more customization options, RAM recently released several new components to consider when building a custom mount:

  • Double Suction Cup Mount—This suction cup option provides the ultimate support for those that need the extra holding strength for their iPad when securing it to an airplane window.
  • Double Socket Swivel Arm—This RAM arm consists of double 1″ diameter open ball sockets with a 360° rotation point at the center. A connecting swivel joint rotates forward and back 180° to give unsurpassed adjustability.
  • iPro navigator mount—The iPro Navigator is a unique cradle for the iPad Mini. In addition to firmly holding the iPad Mini in place, an articulating clipboard provides a cover and writing surface for notes. When not in use, the clipboard rotates up and acts as a glare shield, protecting you iPad Mini from direct sunlight and overheating. Standard 1″ ball is mounted to the back with yoke mount.
  • Double Ball adapter–Extend the reach of your RAM mount with this double mount adapter, allowing you to connect multiple arms together.

Check out this Custom RAM Mount Builder to get started building your own iPad RAM mount.

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  1. Gene Woods
    Gene Woods says:

    Any word on a Ram cradle for the new iPad mini 4? It’s dimensions changed just enough that it needs a new cradle. It will fit in my current cradle for the mini, but very tight.

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