New professional iPad battery backup is the best yet

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Running out of battery power is a nightmare scenario for many pilots flying with iPads. That’s why we always advise pilots to carry some type of backup power supply, even if you take off with your iPad battery at 100%. While a USB cigarette lighter plug works well for most applications, not all airplanes have a 12V plug and even the ones that do have one aren’t worth much in an electrical emergency.

For those reasons, self-contained backup battery packs have been very popular iPad accessories for years. They can extend battery life on your iPad anywhere from 3-20 hours, and they are a great worst case backup. We’ve also found plenty of uses for them outside the cockpit, from camping to tailgating.

The Professional Power battery backup includes two 2.4a and two 1a USB and charging ports and can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously.

The Professional Power backup battery includes two 2.4a and two 1a USB charging ports and can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Our new favorite in this category is the Professional Power iPad/iPhone backup battery. It features a massive 20,800 mAh that packs a lot of power into a small space–it’s less than 1″ thick. This new model features a rugged housing that will survive the abuse of your flight bag well.

It includes four USB charging ports, 2 of which are rated at 2.4 amps. The full size iPad Air and Air 2 models in particular specify 2.4 amps to charge at the fastest rate, so it’s perfect for pilots with these larger tablets. Note that 2.4 amp ports are compatible with all iPhones and iPads, so they’re completely interchangeable.

Many of the portable ADS-B receivers also require more than the 1 amp to charge at the optimal rate, so this battery is also ideal for keeping both your iPad and ADS-B receiver charged at the same time.

The Professional Power battery is unique in that it is one of the few that meets the lithium battery safety and testing standards outlined in AC 120-76C. Pilots flying large and turbine-powered aircraft that don’t have the ability to charge the iPad via ship power must follow the requirements of this guidance when relying on a portable battery as a backup power source.

The Professional Power battery pack will charge an iPad Air twice before needing to be topped off, and is available for $149.95.

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  1. TK
    TK says:

    The iPad Air 2 has a battery capacity of only 7340 mAh so that it can be thinner than the iPad Air 1. The iPad Air 1 has a battery capacity of 8557 mAh. In other words, the iPad Air 2 has about 15% less battery capacity than the iPad Air 1. Apple’s devotion to making iPads thinner only increases the need for battery packs such as this.

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      Maybe, but Apple also makes every new generation more power efficient. The iPad 3, for example, was a notable battery hog. The iPad Air came out with a smaller battery but better battery life.

  2. Logan
    Logan says:

    Available for significantly cheaper on Amazon.

    Fantastic battery, I’ve been using it for several months now and rely on it heavily. Very pleased.

  3. Ron
    Ron says:

    I have a similar one that causes TERRIBLE interference with my coms (Garmin GTN650). Makes it unusable inflight.

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    For Ron: I had the same problem but realized the issue was the cable & not the battery itself. Find a thicker cable with heavier shielding and the interference is greatly reduced. The routing of the cable is very important as well.

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