Latest Aviation Tutorials app demystifies avionics and navigation

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Aviation Tutorials navigation app

The latest app from Aviation Tutorials covers navigation and avionics.

Aviation Tutorials has been creating pilot training courses for years, originally on CD-ROM and now as dedicated iPad apps. We’ve covered some of their apps before, praising them for their practical tips and interactive training tools. The company recently released an all-new training app, called Navigation and Advanced Avionics.

This is a particularly timely app because there have never been more avionics systems for pilots to contend with. This is especially true for renters or members of flying clubs, where one airplane might have a basic VOR receiver and another may have an integrated glass cockpit. Instead of teaching to a specific avionics package, the new Navigation and Advanced Avionics app focuses on the big picture. The result is an in depth training course that’s still applicable to a wide variety of pilots.

Broken down into six sections, the app starts with an overview of VOR navigation, HSIs and bearing pointers. This is a great refresher for current pilots who may not fly VORs regularly, and it’s essential knowledge for new pilots. From there, Navigation and Advanced Avionics moves on to GPS and FMS topics, with plenty of good tips about flight plans, instrument approaches and emergencies. There’s plenty here for G1000 pilots too, including a fairly detailed replica of the glass cockpit complete with buttons and knobs.

Throughout, the app offers narrated graphics, interactive trainer sessions and review quizzes. It’s more than just a video, and we found the interactive portions particularly useful for visualizing complicated VOR procedures.

The app is available for iPad only, and does not require an internet connection once it has been downloaded. The app costs $149.99.