CloudAhoy adds Stratus 2 and 2S AHRS support

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The iPad has become an integral part of flight training at many flight schools. In addition to allowing students to keep all their aviation training materials and electronic charts in one convenient location, it also serves as excellent post-flight debriefing tool. Apps like ForeFlight, WingX Pro and CloudAhoy make it incredibly easy for pilots to record all the parameters of their flight using the iPad and a GPS, and then replay the details of the flight when back on the ground. You can review things like altitude and heading control on VFR flight maneuvers, play back your practice instrument approach procedures with your ground track displayed on the approach chart, or watch your approach and landing using 3D Google Earth satellite imagery.

CloudAhoy can now display pitch and roll data when debriefing flights recorded with Stratus 2 and 2S.

CloudAhoy can now display pitch and roll data when debriefing flights recorded with Stratus 2 and 2S.

This debriefing capability recently gained a new level of realism thanks to an improvement in the CloudAhoy app. Pilots flying with the Stratus 2 and 2S ADS-B can now export the logged pitch and roll data from the Stratus’ internal AHRS, along with GPS ground track, to CloudAhoy. This allows you to view an accurate instrument panel overlay in CloudAhoy, and will show you a more realistic replay of your flight when viewing it in CloudAhoy’s Google Earth cockpit view. This is a significant improvement since CloudAhoy previously only estimated pitch and roll based on the logged GPS data.

Stratus 2 and 2S will start recording automatically when the unit is powered on and the built-in GPS senses motion. It’ll record approximately twenty hours of GPS and AHRS data, including position, speed, and altitude data throughout each flight. When back on the ground you can then use the Track Log feature in ForeFlight to transfer the logs to your iPad, which is located in the More section of the app.

From there you’ll just need to follow the steps outlined on CloudAhoy’s support page, which explain how to export the log file from ForeFlight Web to CloudAhoy. Transferring the AHRS data from Stratus takes a few extra steps over the basic ForeFlight track log export feature, but provides the most accurate post-flight debriefing tool we’ve seen yet and is well worth the effort.