Flight Training with the iPad webinar video now available

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Sporty’s VP of Flight Education David Zitt and iPad Pilot News Editor Bret Koebbe recently presented an 80 minute webinar covering a wide variety of topics related to the use of the iPad during flight training, including apps and accessories for student pilots, how to effectively use the iPad when learning how to plan cross-countries, considerations when using the iPad during the FAA checkride and much more. You can watch the full video recording of the webinar here:

Here are the slides from the presentation to review at your own pace:

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    On my iPad I’m trying to free up space and deleted practically all of my photos (that’s where it shows most of my usage) yet it didn’t show any difference in the usage amount?? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Hi guys, I have really appreciated the webinars. As an IFR student I would be stocked to see a webinar on ADS-B in and out, synthetic vision, as well any other advanced tips for all these new features that have come out as of recent. It would be nice to see what sporty’ shays experienced in late with the new tech. Thanks for making the iPad learning curve not as daunting as the far aim.

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