FltPlan Go app adds auto sync feature

2 min read
FltPlan Go NavLog

FltPlan.com’s NavLogs are a popular feature, and they now sync between web and app.

FltPlan.com’s iPad app, called simply Go, flies under the radar a bit compared to the big three of ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX. But this free app has a loyal following, especially among professional pilots and turbine operators. One of its strengths is the way the app ties into the FltPlan.com website, which is packed with robust route planning tools and highly accurate performance models. We know many fractional and corporate pilots who religiously plan and file flights on the website, using its popular NavLogs to stay organized on multiple leg days.

One of the drawbacks of the app has been the need to manually download every NavLog and flight plan before flight. More than once, we’ve been caught in the airplane (away from an Internet connection) without our current flight plan. When you hear “cleared as filed,” it can be frustrating if you don’t remember what you filed and you don’t have your NavLog.

The most recent update fixes this problem: FltPlan.com automatically syncs NavLogs, routes, weight & balance calculations and even checklists from the website to the app. So you can plan your flight on a desktop computer, then pick up your iPad and have the filed route ready to go. It’s a small change, but a big upgrade for regular users of the app.

This update also includes a customizable winds aloft overlay. You can choose 1000 ft. intervals across your entire route, with a graphical display that makes it easy to find favorable wind conditions. The app also offers the option to user-defined, color-coded METARs so you can keep track of ceiling, visibility and wind at a glance. As always, the app remains free, so it’s valuable as a backup if nothing else.

You can download the FltPlan Go app in the App Store.