Weather Flying and the iPad video now available

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The video recording of last week’s Weather Flying and the iPad is now available for viewing. Join weather guru Scott Dennstaedt and Sporty’s John Zimmerman in this one hour presentation as they explore the ForeFlight app, the Stratus ADS-B receiver and how to use both for safer weather flying. From the basics of weather theory to real world tips about flying with ForeFlight, this webinar is packed with information you can use on your next flight.

Scott Dennstaedt, well-known for his aviation weather expertise for many years, now leads the ForeFlight team in the role of Weather Scientist.  His background and experience as a CFI and research meteorologist provide a unique set of qualifications to lead you through a variety of real-world scenarios to make you a safer, better-informed pilot.

You can also view the slides separately to follow along:

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    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      Second half is much better – something got messed up with audio about halfway through.

  1. Firefly412
    Firefly412 says:

    I’m not paying for it, so I have no justification for constructive criticism, but the slides didn’t match the lecture either. What happened? Usually these are excellent lectures/webcasts.

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