Quick guide to iPad forums at Sun ‘n Fun 2015

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The 41st Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in kicks off next week in Lakeland, FL.

The flying season’s unofficial kick-off is next week, as the gates open for the 2015 edition of the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in at the Lakeland airport. There will be undoubtedly be new products to see and spectacular airshows to take in (both the Thunderbirds and the Breitling jet team will perform). But for iPad pilots there will also be some great opportunities to learn about the latest iPad tips, apps and accessories.

The entire forum schedule is a little overwhelming, so we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular sessions below:

  • Getting started with iPad flying. If you’re considering an iPad or just getting started, this fast-paced seminar is for you. Includes tips on buying the right iPad, downloading apps, legal considerations and aviation app reviews. You’ll leave with the confidence to start flying with the iPad in the system. Thursday at 9am in Room 1.
  • Advanced iPad Flying. If you already have an iPad and know your way around your favorite app, this seminar goes beyond the basics. Learn pro tips to get more out of your iPad, get suggestions for using high tech iPad accessories, see what’s new in the world of aviation apps and learn some hidden tricks for ForeFlight Mobile. Tuesday at 11am in AOPA’s activity tent; Thursday at 10am in Room 1.
  • ADS-B on your iPad. This no-nonsense seminar demystifies the world of ADS-B. What do the terms mean, why is it important and how can you use ADS-B to get free weather on your iPad? These questions and more will be covered. Friday at 9am in Room 1.
  • Advanced Flying with ForeFlight. ForeFlight’s Eric Hake, a flight instructor and popular presenter, will share tips for mastering aviation’s most popular app. Tuesday at 9am in Room 1; Thursday at 11am in Room 1; Saturday at 10am in Room 1.
  • Garmin: using the iPad to plan, file, fly. This interactive seminar from Garmin introduces their iPad app, explains the features of it and offers some shortcuts for safer flying. Every day at noon in tent N11 (between Hangar D and the Flight Line); also Wednesday at 11am in the AOPA activity tent.
  • iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge. Charles Schneider, an active pilot and president of iPad accessory maker MyGoFlight, presents an interactive session to help you understand how the iPad should fit into your everyday cockpit procedures. Covers multiple apps. Tuesday at noon in Room 1; Wednesday at 9am in Room 1; Friday at noon in Room 1; Saturday at 1pm in Room 1.

Most of these seminars will take place at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy. The full seminar schedule is available here.