New Bad Elf GPS app available

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Bad Elf Pro+ GPS

The Bad Elf Pro+ is our top pick for deluxe GPSs.

Bad Elf was the first to hit the scene with an iPad-compatible GPS back in 2010, and their product lineup today is stronger than ever. They are the only GPS manufacturer to offer both a plug-in model, the Bad Elf for Lightning connector, and a Bluetooth wireless GPS, the Bad Elf Pro. In addition to providing reliable GPS location services to your iPad, Bad Elf also offers a free companion app for the GPS receivers to help you get more out of them. While you don’t need to have the app installed to use the Bad Elf with your iPad, it provides some useful features:

  • Control Bad Elf GPS configuration options and install firmware updates
  • View GPS ground track, speed, altitude, position accuracy and more on an instrument page
  • Monitor GPS & GLONASS satellite reception and signal strength (helpful when troubleshooting or finding the optimum mounting location)
  • View stored track logs from the Bad Elf Pro and save them to your device, view on a map or export them to other compatible apps
The Bad Elf companion app is a must-have for owners of this iPad GPS.

The Bad Elf companion app is a must-have for owners of this iPad GPS.

A recent update brings a fresh new design to the app and adds additional capabilities:

  • support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus
  • adds new world map display that’s cached in the app and available for viewing your location when offline
  • improved reliability when used with the Bad Elf for Lightning GPS

This app is a must-have for those flying with a Bad Elf GPS. Bad Elf Pro pilots will especially appreciate the ability to export track logs that are recorded to the device directly from the app, a useful tool in the flight training environment.

You can download the Bad Elf GPS app here free in the app store.

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