LogTen Pro introduces all-new apps, pricing model

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LogTen Pro X for iPad and iPhone

LogTen Pro X features an all-new look and plenty of new features.

LogTen Pro has been our top pick among pilot logbook apps for years, with a nice mix of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface. But lately the app was starting to look tired–there was no major iOS 7 update, for example–so we’ve been hoping to see some updates.

Those are finally here, in the form of a new app called LogTen Pro X. This includes the same basic functionality of the original LogTen Pro, but with a completely new style and a host of new features. It’s a big upgrade.

One of our favorite additions is the Fly Now feature. This allows you to log a flight by essentially tapping start and stop. The app uses your iPhone or iPad’s GPS to determine the departure and destination airport, and calculates the total time for you–it’s all automatic. We can see this being a major benefit for flight instructors or busy corporate pilots.

There’s also a new Dynamic Time Loupe tool that allows you to scroll forwards and backwards through your logbook and review all currency issues. This is a great tool for pro pilots, since it includes duty time limitations and it makes it easy to forecast weeks into the future.

The Analyze view is a good companion to the Dynamic Time Loupe. You can select any time period and see detailed breakdowns by airplane category, class, type or user-defined groups. While you’ve always been able to create custom reports, this is a quicker and easier way to check on key areas. We’ve found this to be particularly helpful for filling out annual insurance forms.

Finally, LogTen Pro X takes full advantage of the new iCloud Drive platform to offer seamless syncing between devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. It makes it easy to log flights on your iPhone, for example, then review detailed reports on your iPad.

Existing users will have to download the new app–this is not just an update. After installing the app, it’s easy to import your existing logbook information. You’ll be prompted the first time you open the app.

Along with the new app, LogTen’s developer, Coradine Aviation, is introducing a new subscription-based pricing model. LogTen Pro X is free for student pilots to download and try for 40 hours. After that, it’s $6.99/month or $69.99/year. The Mac app is a free companion tool (although it’s a full-featured logbook).

Not everyone will be happy about the new pricing model. Having spent money on the iOS app and perhaps the Mac app already, many pilots may chafe at paying an annual subscription fee. But this is the way many higher end apps are moving–high quality apps require a lot of ongoing support and upgrades, so expect to see more of this.

To download the iOS app and try it for free, visit the iTunes App Store. The Mac app is available for download from the Mac App Store.

UPDATE: After some fairly heated comments, Coradine has changed their pricing structure. Effective November 8, 2014, LogTen Pro X for Mac will be a one-time, $89.99 fee to download. All future updates will be free. LogTen Pro X for iPad and iPhone will require a one-time purchase of $19.99, which includes free lifetime updates. But after 40 hours of time logged, the app will require a $49.99 per year subscription to keep adding flights.

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    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Doubt it. My 2 Mac’s and 2 iOS devices keep crashing and won’t sync. $175 last year and now $70 per year! If the program worked flawlessly, it wouldn’t be as hard a pill to swallow. Seems like another business trying to pillage the pilots community. SHAME ON YOU, Coradine Aviation!!!

  1. Adam S.
    Adam S. says:

    While I know many current customers are very upset about new pricing options that Coradine is offering I can sympathize with them as I’m a long time log ten customer. I would encourage them to take advantage of the half price subscription $34.99… many say this is a glorified spreadsheet which maybe true to some extent. However it’s the best electronic logbook app out there with several nice features that are going to be pretty hard to create on your own! So stop whining most pilots have money anyways far more than I and i’ve subscribed the yearly fee should be worth your piece of mind in having a good solid platform to use for your logbook.

  2. McChan
    McChan says:

    I could never figure out why you would want to pay 7 bucks a month for this when myflightbook does most of this stuff already and sync’s with your devices and any computer for free. Its not pretty but it seems to work great for free. I used it as a student and now while working on my IFR training, I even can use it to keep track of special time based things like if I have flown a specific rental plane over the past 60 days so I know if I need a currency check in said plane.

  3. Dnp340
    Dnp340 says:

    Coradine software is so flawed I’d never spend a another penny on it. It takes such narrow set of circumstances for you enjoy the full functionality it is a too niche for most pilots. Despite numerous correspondence and repeated promises that they would address some of the most basic short comings, nothing! I’ll just sit and wait for them to enevitably pull the support on previous incarnations.

  4. HRM
    HRM says:

    If flying is your business, then this system is a must and the price is excellent. For the average GA pilot flying as a hobby, this is way overkill. Spend the money on a cockpit gadget.

  5. Dc
    Dc says:

    This is not a simple app. But when I got it I thought it was worth the learning curve for amateur GA use if I would be using it for years, which for a $79 app is what i would expect. After paying that price though I will not be paying more for a subscription and will consider other options, and if nothing else going back to paper.

  6. JM
    JM says:

    If you’re an existing LogTen user and have already logged 40 hours in the app, you will be asked to pay the subscription fee right away upon transferring your hours to the new LogTen Pro X app. I thought I would get 40 hours in the NEW app without facing a subscription fee but your past hours logged count against the 40 hours. Not what I expected and doesn’t feel right.

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