ADS-B webinar coming up October 2

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Understanding how ADS-B works isn’t easy, but it’s important for any pilot.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (better known as ADS-B) is one of the hottest topics in aviation right now, from the FAA’s mandate about panel-mount avionics to the new wave of portable ADS-B receivers for the iPad. Unfortunately, much of the information related to ADS-B is unnecessarily confusing.

So what is ADS-B? Why should you care about it? Can you just ignore it?

No. While ADS-B may be confusing, it’s probably the most important technological change you will have to deal with as a pilot over the next two decades. So it’s worth the effort to learn this new language, and a new webinar aims to help.

Join Sporty’s John Zimmerman on October 2 as he discusses what you really need to know about ADS-B “out” and ADS-B “in.” Learn about panel-mount ADS-B solutions from Garmin, Aspen and others, plus how to choose the right time to upgrade. The webinar will also cover some of the exciting developments in the portable ADS-B market, from the latest Stratus receiver to Garmin’s GDL 39 3D. The fast-paced presentation promises to cut through the jargon so you understand what’s important – and what’s not.

The webinar is Thursday, October 2 at 8pm eastern. It is free to attend, but registration is required and space is limited. To RSVP, click here.

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  1. Steven E Passow
    Steven E Passow says:

    I’d very much like to participate in your October 2 webinar on the ADS-B but unfortunately I will be out of the country. Please alert me if you plan another webinar after Oct. 10 when I return.

  2. Bob Levittan
    Bob Levittan says:

    That’s great…except that it’s October 9th. Is there somewhere to watch this after the fact?

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