New Go app for Android

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The FltPlan Go app for android provides all the essentials, like weather, sectionals and IFR approach charts.

The FltPlan Go app for Android provides all the essentials, like weather, sectionals and IFR approach charts.

While we primarily focus on iPad apps, tips and accessories here at iPad Pilot News, we like to still keep an eye on Android apps and how things are evolving with that platform. There are several great navigation/chart/weather apps for those flying with Android tablets and phones, including Garmin Pilot, Naviator, Avare and FlightPro.

The latest Android app to hit the market is the FltPlan Go app, which is intended to be the next-generation version of the FltPlan Legacy app. The developer behind these apps is, the largest commercial flight planning service in the U.S. The free website provides extremely accurate flight performance data and fuel planning for aircraft of all sizes, from Cessna 172s to Gulfstreams.

Like the flight planning features on the website, the Fltplan Go app is also completely free. It provides the essential features for both preflight and inflight use like an airport database, VFR/IFR charts and weather. While you can’t plan and file flights directly in the app (unless you use the integrated web browser), you do have the option to download and save your navlogs and weather briefings for offline viewing.

The list of features is pretty complete considering it’s a free app. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:

  • Download and save Flight Plans, NavLogs, and Weather Briefings for offline and inflight use
  • IFR/VFR moving maps for the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Central America
  • Geo-referenced approach charts for the U.S. and Canada
  • Toggle downloadable airport information over any basemap/chart
  • Check preflight weather radar
  • Track flights with the Flight Tracking feature
  • Real-time and predictive Velocity Weather by Baron (internet connection required)
  • Calculate the weight and C.G. of an aircraft with the Weight & Balance feature
  • Free Tools and Calculators including Checklist, and Weight & Balance

You and can download the FltPlan Go app for Android here. A similar version is also available free for iPad, which can be downloaded here.