RAM introduces X-Grip mounts for 10″ tablets

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RAM X-Grip 10"

The X-Grip adjusts to different size tablets and cases.

RAM is well-known for making some of the best iPad mounts for pilots, but most of them include custom-molded cradles that fit the iPad snugly. That’s a problem for pilots who fly with a case on their tablets, so RAM has introduced a series of universal mounts called the X-Grip. This is now available for the iPad Air and other 10″ tablets.

The X-Grip features four rubber-coated fingers that grip the tablet securely, and these fingers are spring-loaded for quick removal. Just squeeze two of the fingers together to open the mount, place your tablet inside and release the fingers. That’s it. The mount will fit the iPad with or without a case–even large cases like the Otterbox.

This mount is larger than most RAM Mounts, so it’s not ideal for smaller cockpits. But for pilots who move back and forth between different airplanes, or for fleet operators with different pilots using an airplane throughout the day, it’s a very handy solution. Its universal design means no special adapters for different tablets or cases, and there’s no wasted time installing different mounts. We know of at least two flight schools who have chosen this mount for their fleets.

The RAM X-Grip for 10″ tablets is available as a yoke mount, suction cup mount, glareshield mount and seat rail mount. There’s even a double suction cup mount for demanding applications. View the full line of X-Grips on Sporty’s website.

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  1. Will
    Will says:

    I like the Ram products and I do think the X-grip fits many applications, but it is heavy and takes up a lot of room even with the mini.

    I found a lighter solution in the PIVOT case, you select the case that fits your form factor AIR or MiNi and the mount works with both.


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