RAM releases double suction cup mounts

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RAM double suction cup mount.

RAM’s new double suction cup mount is available for both iPad and iPad Mini.

For many pilots, the suction cup mount has become the go-to method of securing the iPad in flight. The latest generation of twist-lock suction cups are nothing like the cheap window mounts of years past. They attach securely to any window and the adjustable arms make it easy to angle your tablet so it’s in view. Best of all, suction cup mounts can be quickly removed for repositioning or to move to another airplane. They are our preferred mount.

But some pilots, nervous about the possibility of a suction cup failing in flight and breaking their iPad, have asked for a double suction cup mount. RAM Mounts, the leading producer of portable electronics mounts, has recently introduced just that. Their sturdy double suction cup mount is suitable for the most demanding conditions, including seaplane operations and high vibration environments. The double suction cup mount is also required for some corporate and airline operators, and should be a welcome addition for these pilots.

The new mount does require more flat window space, since there are two cups. But we find it hard to believe your iPad would ever fall with these impressive mounts.

RAM’s new mount is available for both the 10″ iPad and the iPad Mini, plus options for spring-loaded cradles.

View the complete selection of iPad mounts here.

6 replies
  1. John McGrath
    John McGrath says:

    I already have the 10″ IPAD mount with the yoke attachment. Do you sell just the suction mounts for my bracket?

  2. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    The double cup suction mount seems to be much better. Has not fallen yet, but we remove the mount during hangar time or parking the airplane for hour or more. I still do not trust the suction mounts, but this is surely an improvement and was badly needed enhancement.

  3. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    Had planned to mount in cabin area King Air 200 for pax display. Cabin windows seem a bit too flexy and I did not. Will try cabin window on Turbo Commander 980 and see if they are sturdier feeling to support this. Planning the iPad Air, but even the iPad Mini…not much dif. May have to stay with previous floor mount options.

  4. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    Cabin windows in Commander are a bit more sturdy if unit were mounted near edge of window. I chose not to use this suction unit however. Have returned it, and will stay with a floor mount, mechanical attachments. I cannot bring myself to trust the suction cups.

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