iPad troubleshooting tip: cycle the power

The iPad power button is located just above the rear camera at the top right corner.

There’s a commonly-used technique that almost always works when an electronic device is acting erratically, and that is resetting the power. Whether it’s a satellite receiver or computer, this usually involves powering the device completely down and unplugging it for a minute or two. The same method works well for an iPad that’s acting up too. Examples of problems are frequent app crashing, difficulty connecting to Bluetooth wireless accessories, app installation hangups and sluggish performance.

Before going further it’s important to understand the difference between putting the iPad to sleep vs. resetting the power. When you tap the top right power button or close your iPad’s smart cover to turn the screen off, you’re simply putting it in sleep mode to conserve power. This most likely won’t fix any of the above problems. When you tap the home button to wake it back up, you’ll find the iPad in the same state as you left it, bugs and all. Restarting the iPad involves a few more steps and takes about a minute. Here’s how:

  1. Press and hold the top right power button for about 3 to 4 seconds until the screen dims
  2. You’ll see a red slider at the top that says “slide to power off;” doing this will power down the iPad
  3. After another few seconds, you’ll see the screen go completely black
  4. Now press and hold the top right power again for about a second, and an apple symbol will appear on the screen
  5. After about a minute you’ll see your Lock screen again

We’ve found that this is required more often with the iPad 1, as apps have become increasingly sophisticated and demand more from the iPad processor. This won’t fix all app crashing problems, especially if the app is buggy to begin with. But the next time you experience something out of the ordinary with an app or accessory, try this power reset before writing it off as a problem with the app.


  1. One other tip to fixing app crashes, especially subscription style apps like Moving Map and Chart Display apps that are used in aviation. Delete the app and re-install it.

    My FlightGuide iEFB app had been left in the moving map screen and the subscription expired (I get a monthly subscription when I need it). Every time I tried to start it (after the subscription expired), it would come up for two seconds, then crash. After attempting to click the “Downloads” button a few times during those two seconds, I finally gave up and deleted the app, then immediately re-installed it. I was then able to renew a subscription and down load the applicable charts and moving map data.

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