How to use the ForeFlight Mobile app with X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

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Connecting ForeFlight and X-Plane is a great way to both improve iPad proficiency and the simulator training experience.

Flight simulators for home computers can serve as an excellent training aid during flight training, allowing you to practice real-world maneuvers and scenarios to complement your training in the airplane, and all without burning a drop of avgas. The standard for consumer flight simulators today is X-Plane 10, which runs on both Windows and Mac. This sophisticated software includes realistic graphics of over 33,000 airports and includes over 30 piston and turbine aircraft.

With the latest beta update from X-Plane you can now wirelessly connect your iPad and the ForeFlight mobile app to X-Plane, allowing you to see your simulator location on ForeFlight’s moving maps and charts. In addition to improving the simulator experience in X-Plane, this integration is a great way to improve ForeFlight and iPad proficiency. Best of all this requires no additional hardware. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Update your version of X-Plane to the latest beta version; details here: X-Plane beta updates
  2. Make sure your iPad and computer are on the same network, with the iPad connected via Wi-Fi
  3. Launch X-Plane, select Settings -> Net Connections, and then choose the iPhone/iPad tab
  4. At the bottom of the iPhone/iPad tab, check the box next to Send data to ForeFlight Mobile
X-Plane will now send your simulated coordinates directly to ForeFlight, positioning the moving maps and airplane symbol to your location in the simulator. You can verify everything is working properly by going to the Devices section in ForeFlight (in the More tab), and you’ll see X-Plane in a green box. You can also set one of the moving map data boxes in ForeFlight to ‘Accuracy’, and it will display ‘X-Plane’ in small font in the window. This is a great way to experiment with some of ForeFlight’s new features that would typically require a trip in the airplane, like the Runway Proximity advisors.
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  1. Joseph Jolly
    Joseph Jolly says:

    I have followed the instructions above, I can’t get it to function, how can I tell if the iPad and my mini mac computer are talking to each other, what iP address should I use, thanks for all the help. Best Regards Joe Jolly

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Joseph, Did you update X-Plane to the latest Beta version? Do you have ForeFlight version 4.7 or higher? In X-Plane check to send ForeFlight data to ALL devices which should be the very last option. You can get the ip of your iPad by tapping the “i” in the devices section of ForeFlight. Once connected you should see a new device in ForeFlight called X-Plane.

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