How to get your favorite aviation magazines on your iPad

Download and view your aviation magazines directly on your iPad.

When the iPad was first released, Apple pushed it as a media consumption device, great for listening to music, watching movies and reading books & magazines. Consumers agreed and purchased iPads at a rate faster than any piece of technology that came before it. Magazine publishers quickly took notice too and saw it as a way to generate new income to make up for the declining subscription and newsstand print sales. Aviation magazines were no exception, and today you can find just about every popular aviation magazine available as an app or digital edition.

Many of the publications also offer additional content beyond just articles and photography, including interactive features and video. The magazine apps are all free and include sample content, and then offer the ability to purchase individual issues or a subscription within the app. And most allow you to download the entire thing directly your iPad so you won’t need an internet connection once it’s saved. Here’s a quick rundown of what publications are available and where to get them.

Dedicated Aviation Magazine iPad Apps

  • Flying Magazine -> Contains aviation news, aircraft reports, avionics/product reviews and articles on pilot training & technique. Individual digital editions are available for $3.99 and an annual subscription runs $14.99. Get the free app here: Flying Magazine Digital Edition.
  • AOPA Pilot -> Download AOPA’s monthly magazine in this app, covering the latest on all things general aviation. As a member you’ll need to set your magazine preference to ‘digital edition’ on the AOPA website. Get the free app here: AOPA Mags.
  • Flight Training Magazine -> AOPA members can also download digital versions of the Flight Training Magazine in the AOPA Mags app. AOPA membership includes access to either AOPA Pilot or Flight Training magazine, so you’ll have to pay a little extra if you want to receive both.
  • FLYER Magazine -> this popular general aviation magazine from the UK offers award-winning articles on exclusive flight tests, informative news stories and entertaining and thought provoking editorials. Individual editions are available for $4.99, 6-month subscriptions for $20.99 and a 12-month subscription runs $37.99. Get the free app here: FLYER Magazine.
  • LOOP -> this GA magazine from the UK regularly features flight tests in iconic airplanes, and news and analysis covering the hottest topics in aviation. This is a free app and they’re currently offering a free monthly subscription. Get the app here: LOOP Aviation Magazine.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) -> Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) magazine is written by aircraft maintenance professionals for the aircraft maintenance community. There are currently 3 editions available free in this app, and you can get it here: AMT Magazine.
  • Avionics Magazine -> Avionics Magazine delivers coverage of the worldwide aviation electronics industry, including articles on Free Flight, Satellite Navigation and Positioning, and Airborne Systems. This is a free app and they’re currently offering a free subscription: Avionics Magazine.
  • Sporty’s Pilot Shop eCatalog -> get digital editions of Sporty’s popular print aviation catalog delivered free to your iPad each month. Get the free eCatalog app here: Sporty’s eCatalog.
Browse and subscribe to additional aviation magazines with the Zinio app

Aviation Magazines available on Zinio

The free Zinio app allows you to browse and directly subscribe to the digital editions of many magazines that aren’t available as dedicated applications. And in some cases if you subscribe to the print version of certain magazines you’ll receive the digital edition in Zinio at no extra charge. Here are the aviation publications you’ll find there:

  • Zinio app -> you’ll need to start here and download the free Zinio app to your iPad: Zinio
  • Plane & Pilot -> Features in-depth articles and excellent photography covering airplane reports, expert tips on flying technique, pilot product reviews, and seasoned aviator stories from the sky. Individual digital editions are available for $5.99 and an annual subscription runs $14.99.
  • Business and Commercial Aviation -> This is the premier source of editorial and analysis for business aviation topics. Individual digital editions are available for $3.99 and an annual subscription runs $42.99.
  • Aviation International News -> AIN covers news, features, special reports, aircraft evaluations and surveys on business, commercial and regional aviation worldwide. Individual digital editions are available for $9.99 and an annual subscription runs $74.99.

One last digital magazine worth mentioning is EAA Sport Aviation. This informative magazine is a benefit to all members of EAA, and can be viewed (but unfortunately now downloaded) by members here: EAA Sport Aviation.


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