ForeFlight Mobile users – it’s time to update your charts

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Keeping ForeFlight's digital charts up to date is a breeze

Get out your iPad and connect to WiFi – it’s time to update your digital charts in the ForeFlight Mobile app. The new cycle starts Thursday, March 8th, and will be valid for 28 – 56 days depending on chart type. And it’s more than ok to update before March 8th; the app will continue to display the current set of charts and switch over to the new data automatically on the 8th.

To update your charts in the iPad app, go to the Downloads tab at the bottom of ForeFlight (or the More tab if you’re running the new v4.4), and simply press the green Download button – the app will do the rest. We recommend connecting the device to a power source since downloads for a large number of states can take an hour or two and increase the rate of battery drain. And remember the ForeFlight app needs to remain open for the charts to download.

For more information on verifying the downloads before flight, check out this post.

And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to download the latest ForeFlight v4.4 update from the app store. This adds several new features including a powerful document management function. Get the details here.

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  1. Hilton
    Hilton says:

    It is time to update charts for all apps including WingX Pro7, ForeFlight, and presumably Jeppesen, Garmin, and all the others.

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