SkyDemon brings full iPad aviation app to European pilots


Pilots in Europe have, until now, not had the full-featured aviation apps that US pilots have come to love. There simply is no WingX or ForeFlight equivalent. But the latest iPad app from SkyDemon may change that.

SkyDemon on iPad
SkyDemon includes beautiful visual charts for Europe.

SkyDemon has offered popular solutions for flight planning and in-flight navigation for a few years, available on laptop or desktop computers plus their dedicated GPS navigator. Now most of these features are available on the iPad, with a native iOS app.

Features include:

  • Vector charts, including dynamic airspace clipping and a choice of map layers
  • Easy-to-use route planning with touch and drag gestures
  • The Virtual Radar shows airspace, terrain and obstructions along your route
  • Pilot Log calculates headings and groundspeeds from actual wind data
  • File VFR flight plans
  • Get METAR and TAF weather reports as you plan your route
  • NOTAM briefings and advanced NOTAM graphical depiction on the main map
  • Warnings for airspace and other potential hazards, updated in real time
  • Extensive European chart coverage is standard
  • Complete GPS navigation features

The company promises more features to come in future releases. The app is free to download, but does require a SkyDemon subscription to use.


  1. Hi I would like to buy your skydemon soft ware/firm ware for ipad use could you please tell me the i pad requirements for flight planning and cockpit real time area navigation assistance i have yet to purchase an i pad and would like to aquire the right one for the job. Regads Forrest

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Will your program allow my IPAD to view other parts of the world, specifically Europe.

    Patrick Reed

  3. You guys should try EasyVFR by PocketFMS. Runs on iPad, iPhone and Android, and has full European coverage as well as full coverage for North America, New Zealand and Australia.

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