AvioFuel updates fuel loading app

AvioFuel is designed for turbine pilots to quickly determine how many pounds of fuel can safely be loaded on the airplane for each flight, and converts the amount to gallons per side for easy fuel ordering at the FBO. The app recently received a facelift during the latest update and we'll cover what's new here.
Sporty's Learn to Fly app

Sporty’s launches 2017 Learn to Fly app

Sporty's has offered flight training courses specifically made for the iPhone and iPad since 2012, combining video segments and written test prep features. While the Learn to Fly App has seen a number of updates over the years, 2017 has brought the most significant update in some time. Here are some of the highlights.

WingX Pro Tip: How to use FlightShare

WingX Pro recently added a new feature that allows pilots to quickly share flight plans between multiple devices running the app. This feature, called FlightShare, is very useful for two pilot crews or flight instructors. Here's how to use it.

ForeFlight introduces Synthetic Vision, new forecast tool

Synthetic vision, the 3D display of terrain and obstacles, has been a must-have feature for pilots of glass cockpit airplanes since it was first introduced a few years ago. That technology has been migrating to iPad apps as well, and now ForeFlight has joined the movement with version 6.6.

Why Android is losing in aviation

Lots of ink is spilled about the Apple vs. Google war. But in aviation, iOS is dominating Android. We offer a few reasons why.

State of the app market

At iPad Pilot News, we often get asked for our sense of the aviation app market--who's on top, who's growing and who's new. We have reviewed a number of resources to compile this report.
iPad in hands

Top 10 apps for student pilots

In addition to displaying digital charts and navigation data in the cockpit, the iPad is also very good for both organization and as a training resource on the ground. Student pilots can take advantage of all these benefits and use the iPad to save time and money during flight training with great apps available from the App Store. Here are our top ten.

Garmin Pilot app adds D2 Pilot Watch integration

The latest version of the Garmin Pilot app adds some exciting new features, including integration with Garmin's new D2 aviation watch for pilots.

Black Box aviation app simplifies maintenance tracking

There is no shortage of pilot logbook apps available on the app store, but there aren't many options for maintaining aircraft times and records. A new app called Black Box Aviation aims to fill that void, allowing you to create maintenance records that are searchable, easily shared and securely backed up in the cloud.

Garmin Pilot app adds Jepp charts and new wireless capabilities

The Garmin Pilot app took a big leap forward this week, adding Jeppesen terminal chart support and a set of new wireless features that work exclusively with the new Flight Stream 510 MultiMedia card.

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