Do ADS-B receivers work internationally? A pilot report

Unquestionably the hottest iPad accessory over the past four years has been the ADS-B receiver. While US pilots have enjoyed these benefits for years, many pilots in Canada, Europe and elsewhere are wondering whether this technology works in other countries.

Pilot report: flying the new Iridium Go satellite hotspot

We've been flying with Iridium's new Go! satellite hotspot for a few months in everything from jets to taildraggers, and we've learned a lot about this unique product. It's no broadband in the cockpit, but it does offer some very useful functions that aren't available anywhere else.

Reviewing the iPad kneeboard options

In this article, we'll review some of the most popular iPad kneeboard options, so you can make an informed decision if you're not a mount person. There are more options than ever, and most of them are quite good.
Garmin GDL 51

ForeFlight and Garmin introduce new weather receivers

EAA Airventure Oshkosh is the aviation event of the summer, and it usually brings a number of product introductions. This year is proving to be no exception, with new airplanes, new engines, and new avionics all being announced over the last week. Two of the giants in the world of aviation apps and accessories, ForeFlight and Garmin, joined the fray this week. Here's a look at what's new and what it all means.

Flight Outfitters introduces new iPad kneeboard

Flight Outfitters made quite a splash last year when it introduced two new flight bags specifically designed for the iPad. Now the company has added an iPad kneeboard to the mix. Here's why it's different from the others we've flown with.

iPad pilot’s wish list — Christmas 2014

With Christmas right around the corner, many pilots are hoping to find a new iPad accessory under the tree with their name on it. To help, we've assembled this list of the most popular iPad gifts for 2014.
MyGoFlight panel mount

Panel-mounting an iPad: what’s legal and what’s available?

Panel mounts for portable products have lived in a bit of a gray area for years now, going back to Garmin 396 GPSs in the early 2000s. Many pilots concluded that such mounts are only allowed in experimental airplanes, which is not necessarily true (a field approval is an option, although not necessarily an easy one). Fortunately, some new rules are clarifying the options for certified airplanes and some new mounts are making it easier to install an iPad in the panel.
iPad kneeboard

Modular iPad kneeboards added to Flight Gear line

While mounts are a popular way to secure the iPad in flight, about 50% of pilots prefer kneeboards. The good news is there have never been more options for iPad kneeboards, and a new one offers some unique features.

RAM releases double suction cup mounts

Some pilots have asked for a double suction cup mount. RAM Mounts, the leading producer of portable electronics mounts, has recently introduced just that.

New charging options for iPad pilots

While the battery life of iPads and ADS-B receivers is usually pretty good, "battery anxiety" is an ever-present issue. There are plenty of options, from cigarette lighter plugs to battery packs, but some new accessories offer more convenience than ever.