Pilot Report: flying with the Garmin GDL 39 ADS-B receiver

The Garmin GDL 39 paired with the Garmin Pilot app provides subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic data. Learn more about how it works in this pilot report from a recent flight in a Piper Aztec.

New Stratus firmware available

A new Stratus firmware update is available in the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile. Read on to learn how to install this update to your device.

New MyClip Mini Kneeboard works with iPad Mini, iPhone, iPad

Finding the perfect iPad kneeboard isn't easy, but a new leg strap offers a nearly universal option for iPad Mini, iPad and even iPhone. Get the details in our latest accessory review.

Dual releases new portable ADS-B receiver

Most pilots know the Dual Electronics company for their small, red, wireless GPS receiver - as well as the XGPS170 ADS-B receiver. Now the company has introduced its latest model, the XGPS190.

Reviewing the satellite messengers for iPhone and iPad

While some pilots enjoy the peace and solitude of flying without a cell phone connection, others are increasingly interested in staying connected during long flights. Let's review the various types of satellite communicators available today for smartphones and tablets.

What’s in your iPad flight bag? One pilot’s list

This is the first in a series where we'll ask different pilots what they carry when they fly with an iPad. To kick things off, we asked John Zimmerman, publisher of iPad Pilot News, for his list of must-haves.

iPad screen protector shootout – which one is best for pilots?

Dozens of companies offer iPad screen protectors. In this article, we compare the top two and pick our overall winner. Do they really work?

What to buy an iPad pilot this Christmas

Whether you're a pilot shopping for another aviation enthusiast or you're a non-pilot desperately trying to figure out what to buy the (slightly weird?) aviator on your list, iPad apps and accessories are a good bet. Here's our list of the top 10 things any iPad pilot would like this Christmas.

Does ADS-B weather work at high altitudes and in jets?

While ADS-B receivers have exploded in popularity over the past three years, some pilots assume these portable devices are only for piston airplanes. Why all the confusion?

New SiriusXM wireless weather receiver for iPad

While ADS-B is a great subscription-free source for datalink weather for iPad, some pilots depend on the additional features and utility of a satellite-based weather feed. A new wireless receiver from SiriusXM was just announced and makes it easier than ever to receive and display this data on your iPad.

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