The new firmware for Stratus 2 contains several bug fixes and performance improvements.

The new firmware for Stratus 2 contains several bug fixes and performance improvements.

The  second generation Stratus portable weather receiver for ForeFlight has been a big hit with iPad pilots, providing subscription free ADS-B weather in the cockpit. Appareo, the manufacturer of Stratus, has been hard at work fine-tuning the device and has released a free firmware update (firmware is simply the software that is installed on a piece of hardware). This new firmware provides the following bug fixes and performance enhancements to Stratus 2:

  • Fixed a bug that caused uncommanded power-offs when the battery is low
  • Improve accuracy of reported battery percentage; a full charge – discharge cycle must be performed for this improvement to take effect
  • Improved battery life
  • Fixed a bug where devices occasionally lose their Wi-Fi connection to Stratus 2
  • Fixed a bug where Stratus 2 incorrectly shows a red flashing charging light when a USB cable is plugged in slowly

Because Stratus is tightly integrated with ForeFlight, installing the firmware is a breeze. First you’ll want to update your ForeFlight Mobile app to the latest version using the update feature of the App Store (ForeFlight v5.2.1, released July 8). Next make sure both devices have sufficient power to run for at least 15 minutes and follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your iPad to the Stratus wifi network, and launch ForeFlight.
  2. Select the More tab at the bottom right, then Devices from the list at the left, and then the green box to view Stratus details.
  3. In the Firmware field you’ll see “1.0 – Tap to Update”. Tap this firmware row, and follow the prompts to finish the update (you’ll now have firmware v1.1 when the process is finished).

It’s really important that neither device is turned off during this process and that ForeFlight Mobile is kept running and visible throughout the update cycle.  Plugging both the iPad and Stratus into a power supply is recommended.  It’s also a good idea to keep the devices fairly close to each other to avoid network problems.

Check out this video for detailed instructions on updating the firmware:


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