How to use ForeFlight on your iPad with Microsoft Flight Sim X

Learn how to set up Microsoft Flight Sim X to output GPS position data to your iPad and ForeFlight to get more out of your flight sim experience at home.

Top 5 iPad app tips

The app is a great supplemental tool for pilots, offering free charts and moving maps. Here are 5 helpful tips.

Radio Navigation Simulator app updated

Even with glass cockpits becoming increasingly popular, student pilots and new instrument pilots still have a lot to learn about navigation instruments. The Radio Navigation Simulator app can help. This affordable, easy-to-use app is a great way to learn how to use VOR, DME, ADF, RMI and HSI.

iPad troubleshooting tip: cycle the power

This week's tip explains how a simple power reset can solve app problems, wireless accessory issues and sluggish performance.

ForeFlight 101: getting started with aviation’s top app

We have dozens of ForeFlight tips on this website, but in this article we'll try to cover the basic information that a new ForeFlight user needs to get started. We'll also link to many of the other tips on ForeFlight on iPad Pilot News.

Practice your landing skills with Rockwell Collins’ free simulator iPad app

Have some fun and learn how to fly Category III ILS approaches with Rockwell Collins' new HGS Flight app, a free approach and landing simulator for iPad.

The iPad pilot’s holiday wish list

Buying the perfect gift for a pilot can be a difficult task (just ask the non-pilot gift buyer in your family). Here's our selection of the top 10 things iPad pilots are talking about this Christmas

How to use the ForeFlight Mobile app with X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

Combining ground-based flight simulators like X-Plane and ForeFlight Mobile is a great way to improve iPad proficiency and enhance the simulation experience. Learn how to do it here.

Next-generation Bad Elf GPS for iPad now available

The latest iPad GPS from Bad Elf is now available. The Bad Elf Pro features an LCD screen, 16-hour battery life, and can simultaneously connect to up to 5 iOS devices over Bluetooth.

How to lock the iPad chart screen in flight

The iPad works very well as a paper chart replacement for pilots. This week's tip will teach you how to optimize settings on both the iPad and several aviation apps to make sure your charts stay viewable and locked in place during critical phases of flight.