FlightRadar24 adds support for iOS live activities

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FlightRadar24 is one of the best apps for tracking GA and airline flights. In addition to providing essential flight progress and ETA data, it offers a variety of cutting-edge features, like an app for Apple Watch, 3D airplane models from Infinite Flight, tracking via augmented reality and a 3D pilot’s view.

The latest update enables one of our favorite iOS features, Live Activities. Introduced several years ago, this feature allows you to view continuously updated information in a small widget on the iPhone and iPad lock screen and in the dynamic island for iPhone 14 Pro and newer. You can see live scores from sports events, the status of your Uber or details on your current workout. And in the case of FlightRadar24, you’ll see real-time flight status for a selected flight.

After downloading FlightRadar24, you’ll need to create a free account to take advantage of this feature (it does not require a premium plan, though). Search for an airplane registration or airline flight number, and then tap the follow button at the bottom left of the screen:

Then, when you tap the power button and return to the lock screen, you’ll see the flight details and progress in a dynamic data block:

When using a new iPhone with the Dynamic Island feature at the top of the screen, the app displays a small airplane progress indicator and the departure and destination airport IDs. Press and hold on this preview to expand the Dynamic Island to view more details about the flight status, or press the power button to view the status on the lock screen:



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