View an interactive map of your 2023 flying in ForeFlight

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ForeFlight’s logbook feature allows pilots to store a wealth of information about every flight. The digital logbook is more of an intelligent assistant than a paper replacement, performing tasks like monitoring your currency and generating reports when going for a new certificate, rating, or flying job.

To help bring this data to life, ForeFlight recently added a year-in-review feature that tells the story of your flying in 2023 on an interactive map. Head over to, log into your account, and you can access 2023 Recap on ForeFlight Web (it’s only available online in a web browser and not in the mobile app for iPhone or iPad).

In addition to displaying a map of all the airports you visited, ForeFlight Recap also displays your 2023 flying stats, including number of flights, total distance, total time, landings, and more.

You can then download or share an image and interactive preview of their Recap with others via Facebook, X, or other apps using the Share options. Any pilot who has logged flights with ForeFlight in 2023 has access to this interactive feature.