StationWeather app adds extra large iOS 15 widgets

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One of the new features included with iPadOS 15 is the ability for developers to create extra-large widgets for the iPad home screen. Widgets are displayed alongside the home screen icons, allowing you to view relevant data from apps that support this feature.

StationWeather, a popular graphical weather aviation app, added support for these new iPadOS 15 XL widgets in a recent update (requires a StationWeather Pro subscription. This enhanced capability allows you to view current METAR reports for up to 4 airports simultaneously on the iPad home screen.

After installing the free app and signing up for a Pro subscription (free to try for a week and then $4/yr), tap and hold anywhere on your iPad’s home screen to enter the “edit” mode. Then tap the gray “+” button at the top left of the home screen to view a list of your currently installed apps that support widgets. Select StationWeather from the list, and then choose your preferred layout from the 7 available options:

The customization options are nearly endless since you can add multiple widgets with different styles from the same app:

StationWeather is available for download here