Which kneeboards work with the latest iPad Pro?

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The iPad Pro 11″ has proven to be the top choice for pilots interested in peak tablet performance. While the iPad Mini seems to be the overall most popular size among pilots, the larger model offers blazing speed and a gorgeous screen—if your airplane and budget can accommodate it, you won’t be disappointed.

But once you have your fancy new iPad, the question naturally comes up: what mount or kneeboard works with it? We are big fans of the Robust Mounts, since their universal design accepts many different size tablets, but the story with kneeboards is more complicated. Let’s examine the options.

First, let’s be specific about the iPad models. There are now three generations of iPad Pro 11″ (plus various 12.9″ models and older 10.5″ and 9.7″ iPad Pro models). All three generations of iPad Pro 11″ share the exact same dimensions: 9.74″ high x 7.02″ wide x 0.23 inches deep. That means if you find a mounting solution that works with your iPad Pro 11″ gen 2, it will work with a newer gen 3 model as well.

So far, so good—but there are two other points to note. First, not all models have the exact same camera and key layout, so you may notice slight differences between models. This shouldn’t be an issue with more flexible kneeboard solutions (like the MyClip, Flight Gear, and MyGoFlight noted below), but it can be a problem with custom-fit cases (like the PIVOT). Secondly, the new 4th generation iPad Air also shares the same dimensions as the iPad Pro 11″ (technically it’s 0.2 mm thicker, but this doesn’t matter for practical purposes), so an iPad Pro 11″ kneeboard should work with the new Air in almost all cases.

With those details in mind, which kneeboards work? Here are some of the most popular options.

MyClip Multi

A simple, universal kneeboard that attaches your iPad to your leg—nothing more, nothing less. The clever design works with any size iPad, with or without a case. If it’s 0.85″ thick or less, it will fit. If you’re interested in a low profile, affordable option, this is our top pick. $34.95 – learn more

Flight Gear Bi-Fold

Moving up slightly in price and features, this model includes a universal iPad mounting bracket on the left side. The velcro iPad clips can be adjusted to fit any size tablet, with or without a case, and can be rotated for portrait or landscape orientation. The right side includes storage pockets, pen loops, and a velcro-friendly section for adding accessories. $39.95 – learn more

Flight Outfitters Slimline

This kneeboard offers two mesh pockets for storing small items like a cleaning cloth or charging cable, but it retains a low profile. The iPad can be easily rotated from portrait to landscape orientation, and while it fits an iPad Pro 11″ it is tight—definitely not a good option if you fly with a case on your iPad. $49.95 – learn more

MyGoFlight Folio C

This deluxe model features beautiful leather construction and even a removable clipboard for taking notes or securing a checklist. The iPad is held in place with elastic-mounted clips on the corners, so it can stretch to fit an iPad Pro 11″ but it will not work with cases. $159 – learn more

The best answer will depend on whether you fly with a case on your iPad and whether you prefer simple and slim or deluxe. The MyClip and Flight Gear kneeboards are the most universal, since they work with or without a case—in fact, they can probably accommodate your next iPad too. But the Flight Outfitters and MyGoFlight kneeboards offer solid construction and helpful features if you don’t use a case.

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