PIVOT case exploded

PIVOT introduces new cases for iPad Mini and iPad Pro 11

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The dizzying array of iPad models is mostly good for pilots—we have more choices than ever, at better prices than ever—but it’s a nightmare for third party case designers. Keeping up with those changing sizes isn’t easy, but the latest models from PIVOT are an excellent option for pilots and they fit two of the most popular iPads.

PIVOT case exploded

All PIVOT cases include multiple layers of protection.

First is the new iPad Mini X Case, which fits both the iPad Mini 4 and the new iPad Mini 5 -two of the most popular tablets we see in general aviation cockpit. If you’ve purchased an iPad Mini in the last four years, this case will fit it.

The new case, like all PIVOT cases, is a rugged product that offers excellent protection. Originally designed for airline pilots, this case isn’t too bulky for cockpit use but it can tolerate daily use. New enhancements include a stainless steel connector for the clip and a completely polycarbonate top plate (previous models include a silicone edge) that means touchscreen performance is flawless even at the edges of the screen. The back features rubber feet to stabilize the case and an ID window.

While the Mini is the perfect size in many cockpits, our top overall pick for a tablet is the new iPad Pro 11″. PIVOT has released a case for this model as well. It is surprisingly thin, so it doesn’t add much bulk but it still adds a lot of protection – you can drop it right on the corners and your iPad will survive. There’s also a handy kickstand on the back, so when it’s removed from the suction cup mount this case is ideal for everyday use. Notably, the kickstand works in both portrait and landscape modes. While it will accommodate the Apple Pencil, the new PIVOT case will not work with the new Apple smart keyboard.

PIVOT kickstand

The new iPad Pro 11″ model includes a sturdy kickstand.

Both cases include a fold-over screen cover that both protects the screen and provides a viewing stand in landscape mode. This is much more than just a piece of plastic – an inner polycarbonate section gives it tremendous strength while a soft rubber exterior prevents scratches.

Even better, these PIVOT cases are available as complete kits that include a suction cup mount. Just slide the screen cover out and slide the suction cup arm in. It will lock in place and they it’s easy to mount your iPad on a side window.

The PIVOT iPad Mini X Case is available for $149.95 and the complete iPad Mini Kit is available for $174.95. The PIVOT iPad Pro 11″ Case is also available for $149.95 and the complete iPad Pro 11″ Kit is available for $174.95.