Sporty’s updates Pilot Training iOS app (and adds Android too)

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Sporty’s released their new Pilot Training app last year, bringing an all-new training concept to iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. The app was created to replace their first-generation training course apps by taking advantage of the latest in mobile app development technology and adding some cutting-edge new features. The Pilot Training app has grown quite a bit since then and now contains 12 different aviation courses, from private pilot and Garmin G1000 training to communications and multiengine airplane transition courses.

The app received another big update last week, adding some exciting new features and the inclusion of Sporty’s 2019 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses. And to make the the courses even more accessible, Sporty’s also released an Android version of the Pilot Training app, giving pilots another convenient mobile study option. Here’s a full rundown of what’s new.

Pilot Training for iOS gets smarter

The Pilot Training app for iPhone and iPad was designed as a platform built for growth, both in new training content and features. The first new feature to check out is the Video Search function, available in the Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses in the app. This is accessed from a new Search icon at the top right of the screen. Want to learn more about takeoffs? Simply type that in and the app displays a weighted list of all the video segments related to that topic. It’s great for final check ride preparation, to quickly find training on topics you want to review.

There are also some nice additions in the FAA test prep component of the app. This is a great place to prepare for the knowledge test, allowing you study representative FAA questions and view detailed explanations for both the correct and incorrect answer choices. New this year is the addition of interactive question references, which are displayed for every answer.

In addition to seeing the FAA resource in which the question is based, you can click on each of these to go right to the respective chapter, FAR or AIM location and learn more about the topic. It’s a great way to turn test preparation into a meaningful learning experience, instead of just rote memorization.

In the Learning History section of the app, you’ll now see which categories were selected for each test prep study session. This makes easier to identify the topics covered in completed sections for additional review at a later time.

And for those who like to kick back and binge watch aviation training content, there’s a new option in the main app settings that will set start the next video automatically after the current one finishes, providing an extended viewing option.

Lastly, you’ll notice some changes to the app’s overall design, which was updated to match  the Pilot Training app for Android to provide a similar look and feel.

Pilot Training for Android

While the iPad dominates the tablet space in aviation, many pilots prefer Android for their everyday phone. The latest Android phones are pretty impressive and we see more and more pilots switching over from iPhone. Fortunately, Sporty’s released a brand new Pilot Training app for Android with these pilots in mind, providing access to the Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses. Best of all, Android access is automatically included with all these courses, even if you purchased it a year or two ago.

After downloading the free app from the Google Play store, simply sign in with your Sporty’s account and your purchased courses will automatically unlock. If you don’t have access to one of the courses, the app includes a Preview Mode that allows you to check out some of the videos.

Like with iOS, you can stream the HD video when an internet connection is available, or download individual segments for offline viewing. Each video segment includes detailed review notes to help study the key takeaways from the lesson. And thanks to Sporty’s cloud-sync technology, video progress is automatically synced on all platforms. This allows you to watch a few videos on your Android phone, take some practice tests on your iPad, and finish up later on your computer using the online course. The app is also optimized for tablets, so you can access it there too if you own one of these Android devices.

Like with the iOS version of the app, Sporty’s has big plans for the Android version, so check back often for new updates, features and course additions.

Updates to the online course too

Along with the updates to the iOS Pilot Training app and new Android app, Sporty’s also added lots of new features to the online version of the 2019 Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating Course:

  • Video Search: quickly find a specific video segment based on a keyword search
  • All new FAA Test Prep: a new faster test prep module features 3 new study modes, Smart Study, Marked Question Study and Incorrectly Answered Questions study
  • Test Prep Analytics: see detailed reports on past performance in each category of question
  • Test Prep Answer References: each question includes a link to view the specific FAA reference book or resource from which the question is based.
  • CFI Progress Sharing: this feature was enhanced to allow you to share the specific video segments you’ve completed, and how you answered each question on practice tests
  • CloudAhoy Integration: Connect your CloudAhoy account to view an analysis of the maneuvers completed on each flight, with links to view the corresponding flight training video segment from the course
  • FAA Handbooks: quick access to all the FAA handbooks and reference guides

How to get the courses

You can purchases access to any of the aviation training courses right from Sporty’s website, including the 2019 Learn to Fly Course and Instrument Rating Course. You’ll gain instant access to all the course platforms for one price. If you’ve already purchased one of these courses, you just need to download the mobile app and sign in with your username/password, or log in to Sporty’s Online Course Portal.

Sporty’s also offers access to ALL its courses through the Flight Crew Membership program. After purchasing a monthly or annual subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to all the aviation courses Sporty’s offers, in addition to other benefits like free shipping and a free flight lesson at Sporty’s flight school.

iPhone/iPad – download the free app here

Android – download the free app here

AppleTV – go to the App Store on AppleTV (4th Gen or newer) and search for Pilot Training

Online – visit Sporty’s Course Catalog and purchase direct access to any course