iPad Pro in cockpit

iPad Pro 12.9″ mounting options

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Apple introduced its largest tablet ever last fall, the 12.9″ iPad Pro. It’s meant to be a laptop replacement as much as a regular iPad, and we found it too large for most airplanes. However, we have seen some pilots flying with it, particularly in larger airplanes or ones with no yoke to get in the way.

That brings up an important question: how do you secure this large tablet in the cockpit? There are not nearly as many options as there are for the smaller 9.7″ iPad Pro or the iPad Mini. However, some good options have recently become available.

MyGoFlight has a comprehensive line of mounts, and their new Universal XL Tablet Cradle works well with the iPad Pro 12.9″. This sturdy cradle is made from aluminum and features two adjustable arms that can slide to accommodate almost any tablet, from iPad Mini to iPad Pro 12.9″ – even with cases on. This cradle is compatible with MyGoFlight’s suction cup and yoke mounts.

MyGoFlight XL universal cradle

For pilots who prefer a kneeboard solution, the only good option right now is the MyClip Kneeboard. Fortunately, it’s a kneeboard we like – while it’s very simple, it’s also well made, adjustable and easy to use. It keeps your iPad securely attached to your leg, and can fit almost all tablets, including iPad Mini and iPad Pro. It will also fit tablets with a case, as long as it’s not thicker than 0.45″.