MyGoFlight releases new Universal iPad Cradle

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The new Universal Cradle supports tablets from 7" to 11" and works with the Flex Mount system.

The new Universal Cradle supports tablets from 7″ to 11″ and works with the Flex system bases.

MyGoFlight’s yoke and suction cup Flex Mount system is one of the most versatile iPad mounting options available today. This multi-arm setup is very flexible, with three independent joints that allow for quick repositioning of your iPad.

The standout feature is that all three joints are controlled by a central knob, so it’s easy to make adjustments without loosening and tightening multiple screws. Simply loosen the knob, move your iPad until it’s in the right spot, and tighten the knob. In a busy cockpit, this is helpful.

Up to this point you had to use MyGoFlight’s Sport Case with your iPad to use the mounts, which restricted you from being able to use your own case. Fortunately they just released a new Universal Cradle that is compatible with the existing Flex system bases, which will secure any 7″ – 11″ tablet. The big benefit here is the Universal Cradle will secure any size iPad, with or without a case, so you’re not tethered to MyGoFlight’s Sport Case. It’ll also hold other tablets too, including Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Microsoft Surface or Kindle Fire.

The MyGoFlight Universal Cradle is available for $99, and requires either the Flex Mount suction cup or yoke attachment to complete the system. Here’s what it looks like when used with the yoke mount:

Universal cradle with yoke mount