New app helps you locate airport courtesy cars

1 min read

IMG_4968 IMG_4967When planning a trip to a city that you haven’t flown into before there are several variables to consider when choosing both the airport and FBO. A common consideration is the availability of courtesy cars (often called a “crew car”) if only visiting for the day to grab lunch or visit a local attraction. A new iPhone app released late last year can help you out with this by providing a fairly thorough listing of courtesy cars at FBOs around the country.

The free Airport Courtesy Cars app currently contains over 1,000 listings of airports and FBOs with user-generated info and comments related to courtesy cars at the facilities. You’ll often see comments too about free FBO shuttles services offered if a vehicle isn’t available to borrow. You can browse the listings by either viewing a map or a listing by state, though a search option is currently not available. You can also contribute info based on your own courtesy car experience at an FBO with a form directly in the app.

The free courtesy car app is a must-have for your iPad or iPhone app collection and can be downloaded free from the app store here: Airport Courtesy Cars