New iPad yoke mounts available from RAM

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RAM yoke mount for iPad

RAM’s new yoke mount is an easy way to mount the iPad in clear view of the pilot.

RAM Mounts have consistently been our top pick for iPad mounting solutions, with a modular design, indestructible quality and easily adjustable mounting arms. Among their dozens of models, the yoke mount has always been one of the best selling versions. For many pilots, having the iPad right in front of them is a good way to keep it secured but easily in sight.

This yoke mount has always worked well (earning a 5-star customer rating at Sporty’s), but RAM recently introduced a new version that we think is a nice upgrade. The new “claw style” mount grips the yoke much more firmly than the older style, with a rubber-coated grip that is both steadier and less prone to scratch the airplane yoke’s shaft. The claw will fit any shaft between 0.625″ and 1.5″ in diameter, which includes almost all Cessna and Mooney airplanes, plus most Pipers. A separate model for larger yokes, like Bonanzas, is also available.

The screw mechanism is also improved. It’s much faster to tighten the clamp, and the knob is far less obtrusive than the older style. It’s simply easier to handle, and takes up less space. Like all RAM Mounts, it features a lifetime warranty.

The side-by-side picture below clearly shows the difference between old and new:

new vs old RAM

The new yoke mount is available as a complete kit for iPad Mini ($62.95) and iPad Air ($63.95). For pilots who already have a RAM Mount, the claw piece can be ordered separately in standard size or in larger size for Bonanzas and turboprops.