ForeFlight tip: using the swipe gestures to switch between charts

The recent ForeFlight Mobile app update added some hidden new features, including the ability to swipe between charts and view multi-page procedures with just one tap. Here's how to do it.

Video of new ADS-B Webinar now available free online

John Zimmerman from Sporty's Pilot Shop recently presented a webinar on ADS-B and how it affects general aviation pilots. Learn how the system works, and how pilots can take advantage of the technology with both certified panel-mount equipment and portable receivers for iPad.

Garmin Pilot for Android extends its lead with new features

Garmin is one of the few app developers that seems firmly committed to making both iOS and Android apps for pilots. A new update to their Pilot app extends its lead as the most complete Android app for general aviation. Here's what's new.

Caring for your iPad battery

One of the most under-appreciated features of the iPad is its fantastic battery life. But there are a number of things you can do to improve the performance of your iPad battery and keep it in top working condition.

WingX Pro Tip: How to use FlightShare

WingX Pro recently added a new feature that allows pilots to quickly share flight plans between multiple devices running the app. This feature, called FlightShare, is very useful for two pilot crews or flight instructors. Here's how to use it.

Video of new Flying with the iPad Seminar now available

A video recording of Sporty's recent Flying with the iPad seminar is now available to watch free online. This 50 minute presentation covers a wide variety of topics for iPad pilots, including how to get started with the iPad, apps, accessories and preflight procedures.

Pilot report: flying with Stratus 2

With the second generation Stratus now shipping, many pilots have asked for a real world PIREP on how it works in day-to-day operations. We've been flying with the final version of Stratus 2 for over a month now, so we'll share our experience here.

Three iPad seminars this weekend at Sporty’s Fly-in

The annual Sporty's Pilot Shop Fly-in is this Saturday, May 18, at the Clermont County Airport (I69). Three seminars will cover the iPad, from Sporty's, Garmin and ForeFlight.

iPad navigation app buyer’s guide

Pilots have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a preflight weather and navigation app for iPad. To get you started, here's a side-by-side comparison of the major aviation apps.

Delta’s Glass Bottom Jet App is worthy of a test flight

The Delta app for iPad offers a wealth of information for airline travelers, including the ability to track your flight's progress while in the air and check out nearby landmarks as your fly past them.