Customizing Garmin Pilot map overlays

With the release of version 5.0, Garmin Pilot has staked a serious claim to the title of most powerful moving map features. But to get the most out of Garmin Pilot, you need to know how to set up the various moving map options. Let's review the key features.

Flying with ForeFlight course now an app

Last month we told you about a new ForeFlight training video, offered by Sporty's. This comprehensive training course includes over an hour of HD video, and is now offered as a native iOS app.

An iPad glare-reducing screen protector that actually works

One of the major weaknesses of the iPad is it's highly reflective screen. This new glare-reducing screen protector make the iPad much easier to view during the day, and also keeps the screen clean.

How to print charts from aviation apps

While many pilots feel comfortable flying completely paperless with the iPad, some like to print a few IFR procedures to have as backup in the airplane. Here we'll show you how to print these charts wirelessly from ForeFlight Mobile and WingX Pro.

ForeFlight 5.1 brings traffic display

ADS-B traffic has been a hot topic lately, with a number of portable ADS-B receivers hitting the market that receive traffic. The latest version of ForeFlight Mobile enables this feature, for use with the Stratus 1 and 2 receivers. Version 5.1 also adds some other new enhancements, so let's review what's new.

WingX Pro tip: selecting map overlays

The recent WingX Pro 6.9.2 update added a new feature that now allows you to select and overlay additional weather items on the moving map, expanding on the options of fuel prices and METAR circles.

New iPad EFB approval program available

Unlike most GA pilots, commercial operators and those flying large turbine multiengine aircraft require FAA approval to use the iPad to replace paper charts. A new service from Sporty's takes care of the approval process for a hassle-free transition.

New Airborne Radar training app

A new Airborne Radar app is out to help fill the void in pilot training on how to use onboard aircraft radar systems. The app uses colorful graphics, interactive scenarios and review quizzes to teach you the ins and outs of airborne radar.

ForeFlight tips for the iPhone

One of the best things about ForeFlight Mobile is that a single subscription will work on multiple devices, including an iPad and an iPhone. But there are some differences in how the app works on the smaller screen, so let's explore some tips for easier ForeFlight operation on the iPhone.