iPad Flight Review – 8 key questions

Ok, you’ve been flying with the iPad for several years and the thought of manually calculating the time en route to your destination or unfolding a sectional chart in the cockpit makes you cringe. But like everything in aviation, it pays dividends to spend some time to brushing up on the basics to keep your knowledge and skills sharp. Take our latest quiz to see where you stand.

Quiz: Flying with the iPad, fact vs. fiction

There are many misconceptions among pilots related to the iPad's capabilities in the cockpit. Take our latest quiz based on questions we've received from pilots over the last 12 months to see if you know the difference between iPad fact and fiction, and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Quiz: How well do you know the FAA rules for flying with an iPad?

It's time for some recurrent training on the rules and best practices related to flying with an iPad in the airplane. This interactive quiz will test your knowledge and includes links to additional resources for more information on each topic.

Quiz: Do you know how to troubleshoot these potential iPad problems?

The iPad is one of the most stable computing platforms available today, but it is still susceptible to external factors that can cause it to become unresponsive in flight. Test your iPad troubleshooting knowledge in our latest quiz and learn how to avoid potential pitfalls when using the iPad in the cockpit.
ADS-B Traffic

Quiz: How well do you know the ADS-B traffic system?

Portable ADS-B receivers for the iPad have made traffic in the cockpit much more accessible, but it can be challenging at times to know if you're seeing everything that's out there. Take this quiz and test if you can spot the traffic at 12 o'clock high or if you need to check your six.

Quiz: how much do you know about ForeFlight?

ForeFlight is incredibly capable app for pilots, but do you know how to use all the features? This interactive quiz will test your ForeFlight knowledge and teach you a few things along the way.
ADS-B Traffic

Quiz: Do you know all about ADS-B traffic?

To say that the system surrounding ADS-B traffic is confusing would be an understatement. UAT, TIS-B, 1090ES, ADS-B Out, ADS-R, FIS-B and the list of acronyms goes on, but what is really essential to...

Quiz: Flying IFR with ForeFlight

Are you an active instrument pilot currently flying with the ForeFlight app? Take our latest quiz to test your knowledge on some of ForeFlight's advanced capabilities.

Quiz: Are you an ADS-B weather expert?

The free datalink weather component of the ADS-B network has been a big hit with iPad pilots flying with portable ADS-B receivers. But how well do you really know the system? Test your knowledge here in our latest quiz.