New updates available for ForeFlight and Stratus 2

ForeFlight released a major update to the app today, adding a new Stratus 2 flight data recording feature, enhanced performance planning, new sync capabilities and the option to view VFR WAC charts in the app.

ForeFlight 101: getting started with aviation’s top app

We have dozens of ForeFlight tips on this website, but in this article we'll try to cover the basic information that a new ForeFlight user needs to get started. We'll also link to many of the other tips on ForeFlight on iPad Pilot News.

dBrief logbook app focuses on simplicity

There is no shortage of full-featured logbook apps on the market for iPhone and iPad. While most try to pack in as many features as possible, a relatively new entrant to the field called dBrief Pilot Logbook is taking a different approach by focusing on simplicity. Check out a full review of app here.

WingX Pro available for Android

WingX Pro announced today that it will soon be supporting a version for the Android operating system, allowing pilots to use the popular flight planning and navigation app on a wide-range of additional phones and tablets.

Apple Watch apps for pilots

The Apple Watch started shipping over the weekend and there already thousands of apps that support the new device. Here's a rundown of several aviation apps you'll want to check out if you were able to get your hands on one.

Cloud Topper app helps you determine cloud tops in flight

How many times have you been en route on a cross-country and wondered what the tops are on some cumulus clouds up ahead? A new app for iPad and iPhone can help you determine just that.

5 Garmin Pilot features you probably aren’t using

Like all electronic flight bag apps, Garmin Pilot has a lot of powerful features built in. But if you haven't spent the time to tap every button and try every menu, you probably haven't had a chance to use them all yet. Here are 5 lesser known features to check out the next time you use the Garmin Pilot app.

Top 10 free iPhone/iPad apps for pilots

It's rare to find something free in aviation, but fortunately for pilots the iPad app store is one of the exceptions. Here we've assembled our list of the top 10 free aviation apps that every pilot should load on their iPad and iPhone.

ForeFlight rolls out another big app update

ForeFlight released another big update to their popular aviation app today, adding some exciting new features. Among these is the ability to view approach charts and taxiway diagrams directly on the moving map.

Electronic logbook apps – how to get started

While electronic logbooks have been around for some time, the move to mobile devices is what has really made them useful. Here, we'll review why you might want to make the switch, what apps are available and some tips for getting started.