Pilot’s Guide to iOS and IPadOS 13

Apple released the next major software update for the iPhone and iPad, bringing lots of new features and capabilities to both devices. As with any major iOS release from Apple, there are hundreds of updates and feature changes, ranging from an all-new Reminders app and a Dark Mode, to small Control Center tweaks that make everyday interactions more powerful. It's also much faster, offering significant performance improvements in everyday tasks like FaceID unlock and launching apps.

Can you use an iPad on a check ride? We asked 3 examiners

While the iPad was introduced over nine years ago, some FAA Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) still aren't comfortable with its use on a check ride. The good news is that these DPEs are increasingly rare, and as the podcast recording below explains, iPads are 100% allowed on check rides. Listen for some honest tips from three experienced DPEs.

Garmin adds PMA versions of remote-mount GDL receivers

Garmin's GDL series of weather receivers is a mainstay of the portable avionics market, offering an excellent mix of features and growing compatibility lists. Fortunately, Garmin now offers PMA versions of their remote mount models, called the GDL 50R/51R/52R, so they can be installed in certificated aircraft without breaking any rules.

ADS-B traffic – when does it work, when does it not?

Confused by ADS-B traffic? We'll explain why traffic is sometimes complete and sometimes quite limited, with this series of graphics. Whether you're flying with just a portable receiver or a full avionics stack, you'll know what to expect.

Flashpass adds support for Canada, Bahamas and CARICOM

In addition to filing U.S. and Mexico eAPIS manifests, Flashpass can now take care of the required paperwork when flying to Canada, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.

New iPad Announced Among Apple’s Latest Mobile Lineup

With a slew of photo and video specific improvements in the new iPhone, Apple also announced today that their most popular mobile tablet, the 10" class iPad, will see a nice bump in features without an increase in price. This means better access for cash-strapped pilots who are looking to upgrade or just dip their toes into the world of mobile navigation in the cockpit.

Top 10 apps for student pilots

In addition to displaying digital charts and navigation data in the cockpit, the iPad is also very good for both organization and as a training resource on the ground. Student pilots can take advantage of all these benefits and use the iPad to save time and money during flight training with great apps available from the App Store. Here are our top ten.
Altus on bottle

Aithre Connect app adds oxygen tank monitoring

Earlier this year we reviewed a unique new carbon monoxide detector, the Aithre Shield, that used a free app to offer precise monitoring of the cockpit environment. Now the company has added oxygen system monitoring to the mix, with an updated app and a new accessory called Altus.
Flashlight and charger

All-in-one backup: combination flashlight and USB battery pack

Flying with backup is part of any smart pilot's pre-flight plan. For us, that usually means at least a flashlight and a battery pack, since both come in handy on almost every flight. A new device is worth considering, since it combines those essential tools into one convenient product.

How do I mount my tablet or phone in a helicopter?

Where to mount a tablet in a helicopter is a tricky question since the pilot typically has both hands on the controls at all times and there is no yoke to use for mounting as there is in an airplane. The high vibration environment can also pose some unique challenges. Here's our advice.