Airfoil app brings pilots together

Pilots naturally gravitate towards a sense of community at the airport, which allows us to share a common passion for aviation and learn a few things along the way. A new app call Airfoil was recently released that aims to bring this community experience to your iPhone and iPad with online discussions, aircraft listings, events and more.

Top 10 mistakes iPad pilots make

The way we move from beginner to expert is by trial and error. Along the way, many of us made some mistakes with the iPad and aviation apps. Here's our list of the 10 most common ones.
ForeFlight aero layer

Configuring ForeFlight’s new map and alert options in version 8.2

The latest release from ForeFlight, version 8.2, includes a number of enhancements for the app's data-driven aeronautical maps, plus some impressive new audio alerts. Let's explore how to customize these features so they match the type of flying you do.

iPad memory management – how to free up storage space

It doesn't take long to fill up an iPad or iPhone these days with photos, music, magazines and large aviation app charts and databases. Here are 6 tips to help you analyze your device's storage status and free up space.

New Caribbean VFR charts available in ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot

The FAA discontinued the production of VFR World Aeronautical Charts back in 2015, leaving coverage gaps in the Caribbean. Fortunately the FAA recently released two new Caribbean VFR charts to provide continued navigation coverage for this area and you can start using them now in ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot.

Top 12 tips for flying with Stratus

The Stratus ADS-B receiver has become the most popular weather receiver for the iPad. While the basics of operation are pretty simple, there are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your investment. Let's review the top 12 most helpful things we've learned after a few hundred hours flying with Stratus.
iPad kneeboard

Modular iPad kneeboards added to Flight Gear line

While mounts are a popular way to secure the iPad in flight, about 50% of pilots prefer kneeboards. The good news is there have never been more options for iPad kneeboards, and a new one offers some unique features.

How to use the new pre-flight planning tools in Garmin Pilot

The new Garmin Pilot app update is the biggest yet, adding a suite of new tools for pre-flight planning and in-flight operations. The impressive list includes a new weight and balance calculator, integrated aircraft performance calculations, pilot-configurable checklists, Freehand flight plan editing and much more. Here's a look at how to use them all.

5 Fltplan Go tips beyond the basics has been a popular flight planning website for over a decade, and their Fltplan Go app has steadily added features to become a powerful in-flight companion. Beyond the basics of moving maps and weather reports, there are quite a few features that make the app more powerful and easier to use. Here are five of our favorites.

How do I mount the iPad in my airplane?

Securing your iPad while you fly is important for both safety and convenience. Here we'll review the mounts currently available for the iPad Mini, Air and Pro, including which models work best in various airplane types and configurations.