ForeFlight training course app updated for version 8

ForeFlight released the much-anticipated version 8 this week, which among other things enables a new dynamic, data-driven aeronautical map layer for pilots. To coincide with this release Sporty's also updated their ForeFlight training course app with new video training segments showing how to use all the new features added to the app over the past 12 months.

New update available for WingX Pro

WingX Pro users have a new update to download and check out in the app store this week. This minor update aims to further refine the app with a few new enhancements, along with a some bug fixes to improve the user experience.

Tips for using the new ForeFlight 8

ForeFlight received at lot of attention at Oshkosh this year when it previewed version 8 of its industry-leading app. That update, a major release, is now available in the App Store and it adds a number of new features and refinements. Let's explore what's changed and go over a few tips to take advantage of the latest tools.
iPad Pro in airplane

Poll: what’s your backup?

From a legal standpoint, most GA pilots don't need a backup when using it as the sole source of aviation charts in the cockpit, but backup paper charts or bringing a second iPad is cheap insurance. So we want to know, what type of backup do you bring along with you, if any at all?

Understanding latitude and longitude in aviation apps

Even with all of our modern aviation databases, sometimes you just can't beat a lat/lon coordinate. Let's review the basics of latitude and longitude and the different types of coordinates. Which one works on your iPad?

Take control of your iPad’s location services settings

The iPad's software settings allows you to customize which apps can use your location to improve the user experience. While this is essential for moving map navigation apps in the airplane, you'll find that it's not necessarily important for all types of apps to be able to access this data. Here we'll show you how to customize these settings to improve your iPad's battery life.

FAR/AIM app updated for 2017, adds drone rules

This is the time of year when 2017 FAR/AIM books are released, incorporating all the changes in the last 12 months. That makes it a great time to consider an app - for less than the price of one new book, you can have an app that never expires.

3 tips for checking ADS-B Out performance

While ADS-B Out avionics are pretty simple to operate (they're basically just upgraded transponders), it is important to ensure your system is working properly. Simply choosing the wrong setting during installation can lead to significant errors, and we've heard a number of stories where this has happened. Fortunately, it's free and easy to check.

iPad connected panel buyer’s guide

More and more connected panel options are starting to hit the market, allowing you to wirelessly connect your iPad to panel-mount GPS and ADS-B receivers. Here we'll run down all the avionics options and review app compatibility.

iPad preflight tip: verify your charts are downloaded

Having up-to-date charts on your iPad is easy with an app like ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot, but there's a trap if you're not careful. Because there is no internet connection in the airplane, you must download the chart databases before you go flying. This is not always as obvious as you might think.