FltPlan Go app adds auto sync feature

Many professional pilots love the FltPlan.com website for planning and filing flights. A new update syncs these NavLogs to the Go app automatically.

Pilot Report: Garmin Flight Stream and iPad

Garmin's Flight Stream system allows you to wirelessly connect your iPad to the Garmin avionics installed in your panel. We recently went flying with the system to see what all it could do, and wow were we impressed.

Quiz: how much do you know about ForeFlight?

ForeFlight is incredibly capable app for pilots, but do you know how to use all the features? This interactive quiz will test your ForeFlight knowledge and teach you a few things along the way.

What does ADS-B weather look like?

The FAA's network of ADS-B ground stations has made it easier than ever for pilots to view datalink weather in the cockpit - without paying a monthly subscription. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, come along as we take a look at all the weather products you'll see with an ADS-B receiver.

Pilot Report: First flight with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been out for nearly 2 months now and there are several aviation apps available designed for pilots. We went flying with them recently to see how they worked and get a feel for how the watch fits among other cockpit tech.

Fix coming soon for iOS 8.3 GPS bug

In addition to releasing details on the fall release of iOS 9, Apple also informed developers at their annual conference that a fix will be out for the external GPS bug in the upcoming iOS 8.4 update. This should be available by June 30th at the latest.

WingX Pro adds trace routing feature

WingX Pro released version 8.5 last week adding a collection of new features and performance improvements to the app. Pilots will especially appreciate the new Traca feature, which allows you to plan a trip by drawing a route directly on the map.

Video shows what’s new in the ForeFlight weather imagery

ForeFlight released version 7.1 last week, which significantly enhances the weather imagery section. To help pilots better understand the new weather charts featured in the app we talked with ForeFlight weather scientist Scott Dennstaedt at the AOPA Fly-In over the weekend. Watch the video of the interview here.

iPad apps for turbine pilots

There are a wide variety of iPad apps available designed for pilots flying turbine airplanes, including performance planning, support directories and international trip support. Check them out here in this comprehensive listing.

Top 12 Tips for iPad Pilots

The iPad is a reliable and easy-to-use addition to the cockpit, perfect for charts, moving maps, in-flight weather and synthetic vision. Over the past several years, we've learned a lot through trial and error flying with the iPad in general aviation aircraft, and here are our top 12 tips.