New features added to FltPlan Go app

The free Go app for iPhone and iPad provides a wealth of aviation resources, all for free. Here we'll look at the latest round of updates and the new features added.

Top 6 tips for flying with Stratus

While the basics of operation are pretty simple with Stratus, there are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your investment. Let's review the top 6 most helpful ones we've learned.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mounts now available

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are finding a home in many cockpits, as pilots come to appreciate larger screens on these new phones. Regardless of how you use your iPhone, it's smart to secure it in the cockpit. Some new options from RAM offer convenient ways to keep them stable.

10 shortcuts every iPad pilot should know

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use an iPad and perform basic functions. Here we'll show you how to dive a little deeper into its operation by reviewing the top hidden features and shortcuts.

ForeFlight adds Dynon SkyView connectivity

ForeFlight's latest app update adds a collection of useful new features, including graphical winds aloft on the map view, wireless connectivity with Dynon SkyView avionics and brand new Scratchpad interface.

CloudAhoy adds glass cockpit view, new Google export

We've written before about the many benefits of the CloudAhoy app, with its robust post-flight debriefing tools and easy ForeFlight integration. Here are some recent upgrades.

New app helps you track flight currency

A new app called Flight Currency allows you to track and log all the required aspects of your pilot currency in a single location, including flight reviews, instrument flying, takeoffs/landings and more.

Which iPad mount is right for my airplane?

There are plenty of different mounts to choose from, but they aren't all universal. Which one is right for you? Let's look at some examples.

Jeppesen introduces Mobile FliteDeck VFR version 2.0

While Jeppesen's high quality approach charts and vast international coverage make it the go-to app for professional pilots, Jeppesen has had limited success among private pilots and aircraft owners. They hope to change that with FliteDeck VFR, a scaled-down app that was announced last year and recently updated. Here's what's new.

How much space do charts take on my iPad?

A common question we hear from pilots is what size iPad should I buy? Here we'll show you how much space it takes to store different chart options in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX Pro to help you decide.