ADS-B webinar coming up October 2

While ADS-B may be confusing, it’s probably the most important technological change you will have to deal with as a pilot over the next two decades. So it’s worth the effort to learn this new language, and a new webinar aims to help

Optimize battery life with new iOS 8 utility

Apple delivered a wide variety of new features with the release of the iOS 8 software update. Here we'll show you how to take advantage of a new battery usage tool that can help you run your iPad more efficiently.

Bad Elf introduces new Pro+ model

The Bad Elf Pro GPS has been one of the most popular iPad accessories in aviation for a few years now, especially with turbine operators. The company recently introduced the new Pro+ model, which is the most full-featured GPS we've seen for the iPad.

Flight planning, 2004 vs. 2014

Sometimes we take for granted how fast technology moves, and how beneficial that is. That's especially true for pilots, who've seen incredible advances in panel mount avionics, aviation apps and portable iPad accessories--often at lower prices. Consider this comparison...

Should I upgrade to iOS 8?

iOS 8 will be released soon and pilots often question when the best time is to make the upgrade. To help with this, ForeFlight CEO/founder Tyson Weihs shares his insight on the process and gives his recommendations.

Pilot report: flying the new SiriusXM weather receiver

At Oshkosh this summer, SiriusXM introduced a new portable weather receiver for the iPad, the SXAR1. The product is now shipping, and we've had a chance to fly with it on a few longer trips. Here are some of our reactions.

What aviation features would you use in an Apple Watch?

Apple announced their much-anticipated smartwatch today, which will pair up with your iPhone to display messages and allow you to interact with apps right from your wrist. What aviation features would you use on the new watch in flight?

Get more out of ForeFlight with free training guides

ForeFlight is well-known within the the mobile app industry for providing excellent product support. Here we'll take a look at few of the lesser-known training guides included with the app and where to find them.

New app helps you shoot smoother in-flight videos

Shooting video in the airplane can be challenging in turbulent air. A new app can help with this by automatically smoothing out video shot with your iPhone or iPad.

Garmin Pilot expands coverage into Canada

Garmin continues to lead the US app market with the most feature-rich international coverage options. The latest update adds a new option that provides charts, navigation data, weather, terrain and more for Canada.