There is no such thing as an “official weather briefing”

Does your favorite iPad app count as a "legal briefing?" It doesn't matter, and here's why.

New iPad yoke mounts available from RAM

RAM Mounts have consistently been our top pick for iPad mounting solutions, and the yoke mount has always been one of the best selling versions. RAM recently introduced a new version that we think is a nice upgrade.

How to calculate Weight and Balance in ForeFlight

The ForeFlight app contains a powerful weight and balance feature that can help you quickly calculate and analyze your airplane's loading during preflight. Here we'll take and in-depth look at this utility and show how to best use it.

How to pre-flight your iPad in less than 5 minutes

The iPad has become an essential part of many pilots' flying, whether as a primary reference for digital charts or as a performance calculator. Something that important demands a quick pre-flight check, just like the airplane and the pilot.

New ADS-B webinar video available

On October 2, Sporty's hosted a live webinar on ADS-B and new cockpit technology for pilots. The hour-long presentation covered the basics of ADS-B, relevant FAA regulations and the options for both panel and portable ADS-B receivers. The video archive of this webinar is now available--watch it here.

How to use multi-touch gestures to increase your iPad productivity

An overlooked feature on the iPad is Multi-Touch Gestures. These allow you to quickly perform routine tasks without relying on the bottom Home button. Learn how to take advantage of them here.

Pilot report: flying the new Iridium Go satellite hotspot

We've been flying with Iridium's new Go! satellite hotspot for a few months in everything from jets to taildraggers, and we've learned a lot about this unique product. It's no broadband in the cockpit, but it does offer some very useful functions that aren't available anywhere else.

Flying with Stratus in an ADS-B Out airplane

To get the full benefits of the traffic capabilities when flying with ForeFlight and Stratus you must be equipped with an ADS-B out transponder. We recently went flying in an ADS-B out airplane to show what this looks likes and the additional traffic info available in ForeFlight.

Get more out of your iPad with iOS 8 Widgets

A new feature in iOS 8 allows you to add third-party widgets to the Notification Center on your iPhone or iPad. Here we'll show you how to use this feature and add new widgets to your screen.

ADS-B webinar coming up October 2

While ADS-B may be confusing, it’s probably the most important technological change you will have to deal with as a pilot over the next two decades. So it’s worth the effort to learn this new language, and a new webinar aims to help