New updates available for ForeFlight and Stratus 2

ForeFlight released a major update to the app today, adding a new Stratus 2 flight data recording feature, enhanced performance planning, new sync capabilities and the option to view VFR WAC charts in the app.

New Advanced iPad Flying webinar next week

iPad Pilot News will be presenting a new Advanced iPad Flying webinar next week covering a wide variety of iPad topics including new iOS 8 features, ADS-B weather, accessories, preflight tips, ForeFlight Mobile and more.

New MyGoFlight screen protectors and mounts

Since the iPad was first announced over four years ago, dozens of companies have offered screen protectors to prevent scratches and minimize glare. Some of these work pretty well; most are junk. Now there's a new entrant.

Use iCloud to locate a lost or stolen iPad

Apple includes a free service that allows you to track down a lost iPhone or iPad. Here we'll show you how it works and how to set it up a free account to use this feature.

New iPad app for flight instructors

A new iPad app recently hit the app store designed specifically for CFIs, that provides helpful resources to keep your student's training organized and provide the content needed to effectively teach ground and flight lessons.

MyRadar adds TFR display

The MyRadar app remains one of our favorite apps for checking radar imagery before a flight. The latest update adds a new TFR layer to the map, making this app even more useful for pilots.

AvTutorials releases new interactive training apps

AvTutorials recently released interactive iPad app versions of its popular pilot training programs, including Getting Around on the Ground, Airborne Radar and Mastering Stick and Rudder. We'll take a look at each here and review the training content in each.

iPad preflight tip: verify your charts are downloaded

Having up-to-date charts on your iPad is easy with an app like ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot, but there's a trap if you're not careful. Because there is no internet connection in the airplane, you must download the chart databases before you go flying. This is not always as obvious as you might think.

LogTen Pro introduces all-new apps, pricing model

LogTen Pro, our top pick among pilot logbook apps, announced some major updates recently. They also changed to a subscription-based pricing model. We'll examine what's new.

Use your iPhone 6 as a backup altimeter

One of the new hardware features added to the new iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 is a barometric pressure sensor. A new app called BaroAltimeter takes advantage of this and turns your device into an accurate Altimeter.