How to find those hidden chart supplements

It can be a challenge to integrate information like legends and chart supplements into a moving map display, while electronically stitching all the sectionals or IFR en route charts for the entire country. Fortunately ForeFlight still offers these supplements and supporting data, but you need to know where to look.

10 shortcuts every iPad Pilot should know

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use an iPad and perform basic functions. Here we'll show you how to dive a little deeper into its operation by reviewing the top hidden features and shortcuts.

Use your iPad to help reduce fuel costs

There are a wealth of tools available in all the major aviation apps to help with preflight planning. Here will look at a series of tips to help you take advantage of specific flight planning features that can help reduce fuel costs on your next flight.

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Read top aviation news in Apple’s News app

Apple included a new app as part of the iOS 9 update last month that collects all the articles on topics you're interested in and organizes them in one place for easy reading. Here we'll show you how to use the app as your primary aviation news feed.

ForeFlight traffic tips – how to get the most out of ADS-B traffic

In previous articles, we've covered the theory behind ADS-B traffic and how it works. Here, we'll offer seven practical tips for actually using the service in ForeFlight, including some advanced settings to consider.

New ForeFlight video tips

To help pilots get the most of ForeFlight and learn how to use the latest features, Sporty’s offers a complete ForeFlight training course. Here are a few essential video tips, pulled from the Flying with ForeFlight course.

New Garmin VIRB camera app available

Garmin recently released a new version of the Garmin VIRB app that adds a wide variety of new features for those flying with the new Garmin VIRB XE camera. We'll take a look at them here and show you what's new.

Tips for flying with the iPad at night

Using the iPad at night brings some additional benefits to your flying, but also can introduce new challenges. Here we'll cover a series of tips to help you maximize your experience when flying with the iPad at night.

iPad Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about the iPad, from basics like the difference between WiFi and LTE models to advanced user tips. Add your own questions too.