Flying with the iPad – a beginner’s guide

As active general aviation pilots and flight instructors, we hear pilots ask all the time things like "which app should I use," or "is it legal" and "where should I mount the iPad in my airplane." So to make things easier, we've collected our most popular educational articles and videos.

How to pre-flight your iPad in less than 5 minutes

The iPad has become an essential part of many pilots' flying, whether as a primary reference for digital charts or as a performance calculator. Something that important demands a quick pre-flight check, just like the airplane and the pilot.

WingX Pro7 now available for Android

Hilton Software recently released an a version of WingX Pro for Android, making the app compatible with hundreds of new phones and tablets. While it doesn't quite have the full feature set of the iPad version, it's a nice option for Android pilots.

Build a custom iPad mount with new RAM accessories

The RAM collection of iPad mounting accessories are the most widely-used among pilots thanks to the combination of rugged construction, flexibility, interchangeable parts and price. Here we'll look at some of the unique RAM accessories you can use when creating a custom mount for your airplane.

Does ADS-B weather work at high altitudes and in jets?

While ADS-B receivers have exploded in popularity over the past three years, some pilots assume these portable devices are only for piston airplanes. Why all the confusion?

Pilot’s Guide to iOS 9

iOS 9 was released earlier this week and brings a nice selection of refinements and new capabilities to your iPhone and iPad. Here we'll cover everything you need to know about it from a pilot's perspective—when to update, how to do it and what's new.

ForeFlight adds Flight Plan transfer with Garmin Avionics

ForeFlight recently released phase 2 of its integration with Garmin panel-mount avionics, enabling 2-way flight plan transfers between the iPad and Garmin GPS navigators.

FlyQ version 2.0 now available

A new version of Seattle Avionics FlyQ aviation app hit the app store recently and focuses on speeding up the app's performance and improving the user interface by reconfiguring the main moving map screen.

Apple unveils new larger iPad Pro

Apple announced a wide variety of new products today, including 2 new iPad models. We'll take a look at both of them here to show you what's new and how they'll benefit pilots.

New training programs available for ForeFlight pilots

It's important to take time to fully learn and understand how to use your iPad applications before flying with them in the cockpit. Here's a collection of valuable ForeFlight training resources to help you better learn aviation's top app.