New app helps you track flight currency

A new app called Flight Currency allows you to track and log all the required aspects of your pilot currency in a single location, including flight reviews, instrument flying, takeoffs/landings and more.

Which iPad mount is right for my airplane?

There are plenty of different mounts to choose from, but they aren't all universal. Which one is right for you? Let's look at some examples.

Jeppesen introduces Mobile FliteDeck VFR version 2.0

While Jeppesen's high quality approach charts and vast international coverage make it the go-to app for professional pilots, Jeppesen has had limited success among private pilots and aircraft owners. They hope to change that with FliteDeck VFR, a scaled-down app that was announced last year and recently updated. Here's what's new.

How much space do charts take on my iPad?

A common question we hear from pilots is what size iPad should I buy? Here we'll show you how much space it takes to store different chart options in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX Pro to help you decide.

New Bad Elf GPS app available

Bad Elf was the first company to produce portable GPS receivers for iPad, and a new Bad Elf companion app helps you get even more out these high-performance devices.

ForeFlight becomes a data creator

In the early days of aviation apps (you know, way back in 2012), developers pushed to add features. Nobody at ForeFlight or Garmin is taking a vacation, but over the last 12 months most of the major aviation apps have reached parity in terms of features. So where is the next battleground for aviation apps?

Does the iPad have a “real GPS” in it?

Four years after the first iPad shipped, lots of people are still confused about whether the game-changing tablet actually has a GPS in it. And if it does have a GPS, is it a "real" one? Let's bust some myths and settle the issue once and for all.

Flight Training with the iPad webinar video now available

Sporty's Academy and iPad Pilot News recently presented a webinar covering a variety of topics on how to effectively use the iPad during flight training. You can watch the complete video recording of the webinar here.

New charging options for iPad pilots

While the battery life of iPads and ADS-B receivers is usually pretty good, "battery anxiety" is an ever-present issue. There are plenty of options, from cigarette lighter plugs to battery packs, but some new accessories offer more convenience than ever.

All-new iPad flight training webinar coming up Thursday

An all new webinar is coming up this Thursday on flight training with the iPad. You'll learn all about when to start using the iPad during flight training, aviation apps, flight-planning and navigation best-practices, tips for instrument student pilots, checkride techniques and more.