5 iPad trends in aviation, 2015 edition

A year is an eternity in the world of apps and tablets, so a look back at 2015 on iPad Pilot News covers a lot of ground. But in reviewing all the stories from the past 12 months, some larger trends emerge from the 137 articles we published. Here are 5 to consider.

Does the iPad have a “real GPS” in it?

Five years after the first iPad shipped, lots of people are still confused about whether the tablet actually has a GPS in it. And if it does have a GPS, is it a "real" one? Let's bust some myths and settle the issue once and for all.

ForeFlight video tips: Plates on Maps, Weight and Balance and Flight Plans

We continue our ForeFlight video tip series this week with 3 new topics from Sporty's Flying with ForeFlight training course. These are designed to help pilots get the most out of ForeFlight and stay proficient with aviation's leading app.

Garmin upgrades iOS flight planning, Android layout

Garmin recently released its last update of 2015, adding some minor updates to flight planning in the iOS app and a more major change to the Android app. Here's what to look for.

What’s new in WingX Pro

WingX Pro has released a few updates this month with some additions to the app. These mainly focus on moving map enhancements, support for additional ADS-B receivers and app refinements. We'll take a look at the highlights here.

Control your GoPro camera with an Apple Watch

GoPro recently updated its iOS app to support the Apple Watch, allowing you to remotely start/stop recording and view a real-time video preview right from the watch. We took it out on a test flight recently to see if it lived up to expectations.

Sporty’s E6B app updated with new multitasking features

Sporty's E6B Flight Computer app was recently updated to take advantage of the new iOS 9 multitasking features for iPad. Here we'll show you how they work and how to make the most of the new capability when flying with the app.

Aerovie app grows up – 4 features to know about

Aerovie Reports began as a fairly niche app, mostly known as a way to submit and review PIREPs. In the past 6 months, though, the app has grown into much more and can now be considered a full electronic flight bag (EFB) app. Its strong point is weather, both preflight and in-flight; here are four unique features to know about.

FltPlan Go adds visual cloud analysis tool

The FltPlan Go app recently added a new tool that allows you to visually estimate cloud tops using your iPad's built-in accelerometer and camera. We'll show you how to use it here.

ForeFlight 7.5 adds new logbook, area forecast discussions

ForeFlight took another step forward today in its goal to be an all-in-one aviation app for iPad pilots. The latest update adds a full-featured logbook, making it easy for pilots to manually and automatically log flights, track hours, review currency, and record certificates and ratings.