AOPA releases all-new pre-flight app

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has a somewhat rocky history with aviation apps. But now the organization is back, with a new app called AOPA GO. Is it worth downloading?

iPad troubleshooting techniques for pilots

While the iPad has delivered excellent reliability since the day it came out, there are still a few issues that can pop up if you're not careful. Here we'll review potential problems and how to resolve them.

Garmin D2 Bravo watch adds deeper app integration

Smartwatches are one of the hottest accessories in the world of consumer electronics, and aviation is no exception. While the Apple Watch has garnered a lot of attention lately, GPS pioneer Garmin hasn't been sitting back and watching.

What’s in your flight bag? Another pilot’s perspective

This is part of a series where we ask different pilots what they carry when they fly with an iPad. Today we'll hear from Bret Koebbe, CFI and editor at iPad Pilot News, to see what makes up his list of essential flight gear.

How to receive iPad audio alerts through your headset

ForeFlight mobile offers several in-flight audio alerts to help get your attention at critical times. Here we'll show you how to connect your iPad to your headset to hear these in the air.

FuelBurn app monitors your fuel status

The FuelBurn app tracks your fuel status in flight and alerts you when it's time to switch tanks or when reaching a critical fuel state. We'll show you how it works here.

MyGoFlight updates kneeboards and bags for 2015

MyGoFlight has offered a premium line of iPad accessories for years now, and one of the reasons they're winning fans is their commitment to enhancing their products in response to pilot feedback. In recent weeks, the company has released new versions of their two best-selling products: the Folio C kneeboard and the Flight Bag PLC Pro. Here's what's new.

AirVenture Oshkosh iPad seminars available for review

The iPad was bigger than ever at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year, with over 40 educational seminars on the topic and lots of new iPad product and app news. Here are the slides from two of the presentations covering essential iPad pilot tips and a pilot’s guide to the ADS-B system to review on your own schedule.

Garmin Pilot adds automated logbook and Nearest airport feature

Garmin was busy this week with lots of new iPad-related product updates, including new releases of the iPad and Android versions of the app, and a preview of an all new Piper-specific version of the Garmin Pilot app.

CloudAhoy adds Stratus 2 and 2S AHRS support

CloudAhoy now allows pilots flying with Stratus 2 and 2S ADS-B receivers to export AHRS pitch and roll data into the app for a more realistic post-flight debrief. We'll show you how it works here.