How to configure iPad wireless settings during preflight


It’s important before each flight to properly configure the iPad’s wireless radios, especially when using a Bluetooth or WiFi accessory. This will help to both maximize battery life and reduce the potential for interference with the panel-mounted avionics. Here are our recommended wireless settings for various iPad and accessory combinations:

iPad with Bad Elf GPS Receiver

Preflight bad elf

iPad with Garmin GLO or Dual Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Preflight bluetooth

iPad with Stratus ADS-B/GPS Receiver

Preflight stratus

Cellular iPad with Internal GPS Receiver

Preflight gps


  1. Pilots who can’t figure that out on their own should probably not be flying with digital charts.. I guess i can feel better knowing that at least they are using it for VFR hamburger runs…

    • You’d be surprised how many emails we get from people who don’t even know you can turn off the LTE in an iPad. It’s caused interference with a panel GPS more than once, and it hurts battery life.

    • I suppose you never needed any help figuring anything out in your vast aviation career? You did it all on your own didnt you. Keyhole.

  2. For a cellular model iPad that has iOS version 8.3 or higher, when it is AIRPLANE MODE ON with bluetooth OFF and WiFi OFF, it still shows GPS position from the internal GPS. HOW does one turn OFF the iPad’s internal GPS? It’s desirable to be able to turn off the internal GPS so as to be sure to know that the iPad’s GPS signal is from the plugin or wireless external GPS receiver. I thank anyone for answering.

    • Go to “Settings”, then “Privacy”, then “Location Services” and disable “Location Services”

      • Disabling “Location Services” will also disable GPS reception over bluetooth. I wish to turn OFF internal GPS and turn ON Bluetooth so that I know that iPad is using the Bad Elf GPS signal and not its internal GPS. Thanks for your help.

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