Dual XGPS150

Dual XGPS150

UPDATE: With the introduction of iOS 7 in late 2013, this feature is no longer available or needed.

The latest version of ForeFlight includes a new direct connect feature for owners of the popular Dual XGPS150 GPS receiver for iPad. This allows pilots to take advantage of a more reliable connection between the portable Dual GPS and ForeFlight, bypassing Apple’s iOS 6 external GPS bug. You’ll need a minimum of firmware version 1.2.6 on your Dual XGPS150 to enable this feature, which can be downloaded and installed from Dual’s firmware update page. This is a free download, but requires a computer to perform the update.

Next connect the Dual to your iPad, go to the More tab in ForeFlight, and select Devices from the list. Tap the Dual XGPS150 blue box on the right side of the screen, and you’ll see basic status information on your Dual receiver, including battery status, serial number, firmware and GPS satellite reception status. This is also where you’ll want to verify that the Direct Connection switch is set to ON to enable this feature. If you don’t have the most recent firmware on the Dual XGPS150, the firmware number will be colored in red, and you will be prompted to update your Dual’s firmware before the Direct Connection switch can be turned on.

Dual 150 ForeFlight


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